Sync New Registrations to Infusionsoft [Memberium Setting]

Memberium Admin — 

Memberium’s Sync New Registrations to Infusionsoft setting lets you do just that – sync any new WordPress registrations back to Infusionsoft. This also works with other plugins that create WordPress records. We’ve tested this with WooCommerce and social login plugins that create WordPress users and confirmed that the new accounts were created in Infusionsoft.

The reason you’ll want to use this is because Memberium doesn’t work unless a particular user is in both WordPress and Infusionsoft.

When someone makes a purchase through WooCommerce, WooCommerce creates that user inside of WordPress, however, it doesn’t automatically send that back up to Infusionsoft. By enabling our feature, anytime someone is created in WordPress, even manually, a corresponding contact is created in Infusionsoft.

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