This shortcode will create a form that will allow the parent user to add child users.

Shortcode Examples

Basic / Default Enrollment Form


Custom Enrollment Form

[umbrella_enroll_child button_text="Add Now" a0="(None)" a456="Build" a123="test"]
 <label>First Name:</label><input type="text" value="" name="FirstName" required="required"> *<br />
 <label>Last Name:</label><input type="text" value="" name="LastName" required="required"> *<br />
 <label>Email Address:</label><input type="email" value="" name="Email" required="required"> *<br />
 <label>Company:</label><input type="text" [memb_contact fields=company htmlattr=value] name="Company"> *<br />
 <label>Action:</label>%%action.dropdown%%<br />

Shortcode Parameters

form_id:  The CSS ID to use for the enrollment form.  If no form_id is supplied, a default ID will be generated.  (Optional)

button_text:  The text to display on the submit button.   Default text is “Add Account”.  (Optional)

Action Set Dropdown:

You can specify a list of actionsets to be presented as a dropdown when enrolling a new child account.   Each actionset is a separate parameter beginning with the letter “a” followed by the ID# of the actionset.  The value of the parameter is the name you wish the actionset to be listed as in the dropdown.

For example, to list actionset #123 as “Group 1”, you would add this parameter to the shortcode:  a123=’Group 1′

To list actionset #789 as “Start Course 2”, you would add this parameter to the shortcode:  a789=’Start Course 2′

To provide a dropdown option that does not run a shortcode, use the a0 parameter.   For example:  a0='(None)’

Finally, use the %%action.dropdown%% merge code to place the dropdown.  Memberium will generate all of the necessary HTML for you.

Actionset dropdowns are currently only available on custom enrollment forms.

Custom Enrollment Forms:

You can supply your own custom enrollment forms by following a few guidelines.

The input tag names are the Infusionsoft field names.

Do not include the opening or closing <form> tags.

Do not include the submit button.

Additional Information

You can view this Basic Umbrella Setup video to learn how to use this shortcode. You can also view our 6 training videos that walk you through how to setup Umbrella Accounts on your membership site step by step.

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