This shortcode will allow you to temporarily override Memberium protections to display protected content.

Shortcode Examples

Example using a LearnDash course grid:

[memb_set_prohibited_action action=show]

Without this shortcode, any courses protected by Memberium would not show up in the list. Below is an example showing you that this course is protected but still shows up in the course grid for a logged out user (normally would be hidden):

Shortcode Parameters

Action: The action that will override the current protections setting. You can use “Excerpt”, “Hide”, or “Show”.


This shortcode will allow you to override Memberium content protections and display protected content where it normally wouldn’t show up. A prime example is using LearnDash’s course grid. Protecting your courses with Memberium would prevent them from showing up in the course list if the user doesn’t have access. This shortcode will allow you to display those protected courses.

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