This shortcode is used to manually set the values in a cookie.

Shortcode Examples

[memb_set_cookie name="foo" value="barbaz"]
[memb_set_cookie name="foo" value="test" expiration="session"]
[memb_set_cookie name="foo" value="barbaz" expiration="forever"]
[memb_set_cookie name="foo" value="barbaz" expiration="now + 3 days"]
[memb_set_cookie name="foo" value="barbaz" expiration="December 25, 2020"]
[memb_set_cookie name="foo" value="barbaz" expiration="forever"]

Shortcode Parameters

name: name of the cookie
value of the specific cookie
defaults to never

Shortcode Attributes

Conditional: Yes (?)
Nestable: No (?)
Accepts formatting: No (?)
Capturable: No (?)

ActiveCampaign Shortcode Documentation

Looking for info on the ActiveCampaign version of this shortcode?

Click Here to View the ActiveCampaign Shortcode Documentation

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