This shortcode displays the requested GET variable from a URL.

Shortcode Examples

A simple example of the shortcode with all parameters would be

[memb_request name=keyname txtformat=function1,function2]

The shortcode to display the first name will be

[memb_request name=inf_field_FirstName]

The shortcode to display the email will be

[memb_request name=inf_field_Email]

Shortcode Parameters

name: name of the contact field

txtformat (optional) list of text functions to apply to output 

If no key is supplied, the entire array is returned using print_r

Shortcode Attributes

Conditional: Yes (?)
Nestable: No (?)
Accepts formatting: No (?)
Capturable: No (?)

Additional Information

This works only when the contact’s information is passed to the URL where the shortcode is published.  In other case, It will not render anything.


ActiveCampaign Shortcode Documentation

Looking for info on the ActiveCampaign version of this shortcode?

Click Here to View the ActiveCampaign Shortcode Documentation

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