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This shortcode displays a list of subscriptions a user has been assigned to, and optionally lets them cancel unneeded subscriptions.

Shortcode Examples

This shortcode displays the name of the active subscription…

[memb_list_subscriptions status="active"]
  Subscription Name: %%subscription.name%% <br />
  Sorry, found no subscriptions.

This shortcode displays the subscription price…

[memb_list_subscriptions status="active"]  
  Subscription Price: %%subscription.price%% <br /> 
  Sorry, found no subscriptions. 

This code will show how long they member has had the subscription, their next billing date, the subscription status, and it gives them an option to cancel:

<table class="table">
<td><strong>Member Since:</strong> %%subscription.startdate%%</td>
<td><strong>Next Bill Date:</strong> %%subscription.nextbilling%%</td>
<td><strong>Subscription Status:</strong> %%subscription.status%%</td>
<p>[else_memb_list_subscriptions]<br />Sorry, we didn't find any active subscriptions associated with your account.<br />[/memb_list_subscriptions]</p>

Here’s what the output of the above code looks like when using Memberium’s Page Templates.

Shortcode Parameters​


confirm – Whether or not to display a confirmation dialog.  Defaults to No.  Optional.

confirm_title – Title of the confirmation dialog.  Defaults to ‘Cancel Subscription?’.  Optional.

confirm_button – Text to display on the button to confirm the cancellation.  Defaults to ‘Yes, Stop Subscription’.  Optional.

confirm_cancel – Text to display on the button to abort the cancellation.  Defaults to ‘Keep Subscription’.  Optional.

        Use this to add a confirm cancellation popup box.

<div id="dialog-confirm" title="Cancel Subscription?" style="visibility:hidden;" />

date_format – This is the C/PHP date formatting code used to describe how the date is formatted on output.  the default format is “M d, Y”.  Please see this entry for more information on date formatting.

immediate – yes/no. Defaults to yes. If yes, it will process the cancellation immediately and set the end date of the subscription to the current date. If set to no, it will set the end date to one day before the next billing date.

orderby – The column to order the output by.  this value defaults to “StartDate”

sort – The Direction to sort the orderby column.  Defaults to sorting the results in ascending order.  You can use words starting with “A” or “D” to specify ascending or descending.

status – Which kind of subscriptions to list;  the options are “All”, “Active” and “Inactive”.  Defaults to “All”.

cancel_text – The text to display on the cancel button if provided. Defaults to “Cancel”

onlyids – Allows you to list the subscription plan ID’s that you want to include

Merge Codes

The following placeholders are used by [memb_list_subscriptions]

%%creditcard.expmonth%% – Displays the expiration month of the credit card on the subscription.

%%creditcard.expyear%% – Displays the expiration year of the credit card on the subscription.

%%subscription.startdate%% – Displays the date that the subscription started.  The date formatting defaults to “M d, Y” format, and can be set using the date_format attribute of the shortcode if you wish to use a different format.

%%cancel.button%% – If the subscription is active, this displays a cancel button.  You can control the cancel button text using the cancel_text attribute of the shortcode.

%%creditcard.last4%% – Displays the last 4 digits of the credit card on the subscription.

%%creditcard.type%% – Displays the type of the credit card as stored in Infusionsoft.  This feature does not use credit card type auto-detection, and instead uses the credit card type the user indicated when the entered it.

%%cycler%% -Alternates between the values of “odd” and “even” for each row.  Useful for mixing with CSS

%%line%% -The current line listing.  This starts at 1, and increases by 1 for each entry displayed on the screen.  This is useful for formatting your listing.

%%subscription.billingcycle%% – Displays the frequency that the subscription billing recurs.

%%subscription.name%% – The name of the subscription product.

%%subscription.nextbilling%% – The date that the subscription will next be billed.  The date formatting defaults to “M d, Y” format, and can be set using the date_format attribute of the shortcode if you wish to use a different format.

%%subscription.paidthrough%% – the date that the subscription is paid through.  The date formatting defaults to “M d, Y” format, and can be set using the date_format attribute of the shortcode if you wish to use a different format.

%%subscription.price%% –  The price of the subscription which will be charged.

%%subscription.status%% –  The status of the subscription, consisting of “Active” or “Inactive”

%%subscription._CustomFieldName%% – Display subscription custom field value. For example, if you have created “LicenseKey” in the subscription, you’ll add it like this %%subscription._LicenseKey%%

The [memb_list_subscriptions] shortcode lists the subscriptions held by the user in Infusionsoft, in a totally customizable display so that you can make it match your membership site’s design.

You can completely control how the subscriptions are displayed using our simple templating system, which lets you format the entries as you wish. The examples we provide use a traditional or classic table list, but you are not limited to this style. You are free to use both HTML tables, and more modern <div> and <span> elements in your invoice list.  When getting started it’s probably a good idea to use one of our pre-made examples and modify it to your taste.

Optionally, you can enable your members to cancel their subscriptions through this shortcode.  If you don’t wish to allow your members to cancel their subscriptions online, then just omit the %%cancel.button%% code from your template.

New in 2.46.30

Future Cancellation Dates

When a member cancels their subscription, then their end date will be changed to the day before their next billing date, and the auto-charge on their subscription will be disabled. If that date has already passed, the subscription will be changed to Inactive, instead of Active.

Result Page URL

When the page reloads, several URL Parameters will be included so that you can display a popup or update with additional information for the user. You can use the [memb_if_get] and [memb_get] shortcodes to display information to the user. The following parameters are passed:

  • action – ‘Cancel’
  • subscription_id – The ID of the subscription in Infusionsoft was cancelled.
  • end_date – The end date of the subscription in Y-M-D format.
  • future_expiry – ‘1’ if the subscription expires in the future, ‘0’ if the expiration is today or in the past.

Shortcode Attributes

Conditional: Yes (?)
Nestable: No (?)
Accepts formatting: No (?)
Capturable: Yes (?)


Can I use shortcodes inside of the [memb_list_subscriptions] format?

YES!  You can mix-in shortcodes in with the placeholder codes.

Is SSL required to use this shortcode?

No, since the [memb_list_subscriptions] shortcode does not display or input the actual credit card information, SSL is not required.

Can I use this shortcode as an Admin?

No.  This shortcode relies exclusively on eCommerce data associated with an Infusionsoft contact.  Since Administrator accounts are disconnected from Infusionsoft contacts, this shortcode cannot work with Administrators or any other “Local Only” user.

Can I use this shortcode with PayPal?

No, this shortcode only works with Merchant Accounts.  You CAN use this shortcode with PayPal’s PayFlowPro service.

Can I use this shortcode if I am handling my subscriptions outside of Infusionsoft?

No, this shortcode exclusively uses Infusionsoft subscription information.  If you are using an integration that handles subscription payments outside of Infusionsoft please contact us with specifics.

Can I use this shortcode multiple times on a single page?

YES, you can.

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