Version Added 2.46.68


This shortcode lists the credit cards on file for the current member.

Shortcode Examples

The below shortcode can be used to display card type, last four digits of credit card along with an expiration month and year:

<table class="table">
<td><strong>Type:</strong> %%card.type%%</td>
<td><strong>Last Four Digits:</strong> %%card.last4%% </td>
<td><strong>Exipration:</strong> %%card.month%%/%%card.year%%</td>

list credit card

Shortcode Parameters

%%card.id%% – The Infusionsoft ID# of the credit card

%%card.type%% – The type of the credit card

%%card.last4%% – The Last four digits of the credit card

%%card.year%% – The Expiration Year

%%card.month%% – The Expiration Month

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