This shortcode pulls up any piece of information (contact details, custom fields, etc.) from the user’s Infusionsoft contact record.

Shortcode Examples

To show first name you would use:

[memb_contact fields=FirstName]

To show first name and last name with one space between them you would use:

[memb_contact fields=FirstName,LastName separator=" "]

Contact Record Field Examples:

[memb_contact fields=FirstName]
[memb_contact fields=LastName]
[memb_contact fields=Email]
[memb_contact fields=Phone1]
[memb_contact fields=StreetAddress1]
[memb_contact fields=City]
[memb_contact fields=State]
[memb_contact fields=Country]
[memb_contact fields=Company]
[memb_contact fields=JobTitle]
[memb_contact fields=Username]
[memb_contact fields=Password]
[memb_contact fields=Website]
[memb_contact fields=Id]

How to list an Infusionsoft custom field in a shortcode

Usage: How to list custom field named ‘X’:

[memb_contact fields=_X]

Usage: How to list custom field named ‘Price-Range’:

[memb_contact fields=_Price-Range]

Examples of Post Processing:

[memb_contact fields=firstname txtfmt=strtolower,ucwords]
[memb_contact fields=firstname,lastname txtfmt=strtolower,ucfirst]
[memb_contact fields=firstname,lastname txtfmt=strtolower,ucwords]
[memb_contact fields=firstname txtfmt=strtoupper,str_rot13]
[memb_contact fields=FirstName,LastName separator=" " txtfmt=ucfirst]
[memb_contact fields="FirstName,LastName separator=" " txtfmt=sanitize_title]
[memb_contact fields=FirstName,LastName separator=" " txtfmt=sanitize_title,strtoupper]
[memb_contact fields=FirstName,LastName separator=" " txtfmt=sanitize_title,md5]


Shortcode Parameters

capture:  Capture the output of the shortcode and route it to a variable for later use. (?)

contact_id:  The contact ID of a different contact.  Optional.

date_format: The formatting to use for your date field.  You can read more about the date formatting options here.

fields: A comma separated list of fields from the Contact table.  You can find a list of fields and instructions to find the names of your custom fields here.

separator: The string to use to separate the list of fields when output. The default separator is a single space.

txtfmt: A comma separated list of text processing functions to be used to post process the contact fields. (?)

Shortcode Attributes

Conditional: No (?)
Nestable: No (?)
Accepts formatting: Yes (?)
Capturable: No (?)

Additional Information

For a full list of standard contact fields you can refer to these tables:  https://developer.infusionsoft.com/docs/table-schema/.

For a full list of custom contact fields, you can find this list in your application. Fields that you have marked in the Sync Optimizations to ignore, will not be available.

ActiveCampaign Shortcode Documentation

Looking for info on the ActiveCampaign version of this shortcode?

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