This shortcode displays the summary statistics for your affiliate record. You can show the running balance, amount earned, clawbacks, and payments.

Shortcode Examples

Example showing all four data types:

Amount Earned: [memb_affiliate_running_totals fields=AmountEarned]

Clawbacks: [memb_affiliate_running_totals fields=Clawbacks]

Running Balance: [memb_affiliate_running_totals fields=RunningBalance]

Payments: [memb_affiliate_running_totals fields=Payments]

This is how it would render for a logged in affiliate:

In the example above, the affiliate has made 2 referrals and sales. One for $75.00 and another for $1.50. The referee for the $75.00 order filed a chargeback so the commission was clawed back (taken away). The affiliate was paid their $1.50 for the other successful sale.

Amount Earned: Shows the amount earned from all sales including ones where chargebacks and clawbacks have been applied

Clawbacks: Shows the amount lost due to clawbacks

Running Balance: Shows the Amount Earned minus payments and clawbacks

Payments: Shows the amount that has been paid out to the affiliate

Shortcode Parameters

affiliate_id: The ID of the affiliate to pull the running totals from.  Defaults to the currently logged in user’s affiliate record. (Optional)

after:  Text to insert before the output. (Optional)

before: Text to insert after the output. (Optional)

default:  Value to display by default if no value is available.  (Optional)

fields:  A comma-separated list of running balance fields to display.  Fields are RunningBalance, Clawbacks, AmountEarned, Payments.  Defaults to RunningBalance.  (Optional)

htmlattr:  The HTML Attribute to insert the output into for use in a tag.  (Optional)

money_format:  The formatting code to use for the currency output.  Defaults to ‘$%(#10n’.  (Optional)

separator: The separator text to use between multiple fields.  Defaults to none.  (Optional)

txtfmt: A comma separated list of text processing functions to be used to post process the contact fields. (?)  (Optional)

Shortcode Attributes

Conditional: No (?)
Nestable: No (?)
Accepts formatting: No (?)
Capturable: Yes (?)


If the shortcode is missing or displaying incorrect data, make sure you have enabled Synchronize Affiliate Records under Memberium => Settings => Performance.

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