Version Added 2.30


Run a specific Infusionsoft action set, apply or remove tags, add/remove Follow Up Sequences, or Achieve Campaign Builder goals when a user clicks link.

Shortcode Examples

Show a link and run an actionset when it’s clicked:

<a href="[memb_action_link action_ids=3453]">Click Me</a>

Show a link and achieve a Campaign Goal when it’s clicked:

<a href="[memb_action_link goals=My Goal]">Click Me</a>

The link will look like this when rendered:

Run two action sets or more (separate with a comma “,”):

<a href="[memb_action_link action_ids=3453,4455]">Click Me</a>

The above looks like this when rendered:


Shortcode Parameters

action_ids: Comma separated list of Actionset IDs to run. Defaults to no actionsets run.

debug:  Defaults to 0 (off), can be set to 1 (on) to force debug output.

fus_ids: Comma separated list of Follow Up Sequence ID’s to run. Defaults to no Follow Up Sequences run.

goals: Comma separated list of Campaign Builder Goals to achieve. Defaults to no goal achieved.

redirect: URL to redirect to after the actions are executed.  If left blank no redirect is done.  Defaults to blank.

tagids: Comma separated list of Tag ID’s to add or remove from the user. ID’s prefixed with “-” are removed. Defaults to none.

tokens: Comma separated list of Tokens to add or remove from the user. Tokens prefixed with “-” are removed. Defaults to none.

Shortcode Attributes

Conditional: No (?)
Nestable: No (?)
Accepts formatting: No (?)
Capturable: No (?)

Additional Information

This shortcode can be used anywhere you can use a link. In OptimizePress for example, you can put this as the link URL in their button settings.

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