Version Added 2.30


Run a specific Infusionsoft action set, apply or remove tags, add/remove Follow Up Sequences, or Achieve Campaign Builder goals when a user clicks link.

Shortcode Examples

Show a link and run an actionset when it’s clicked:

<a href="[memb_action_link action_ids=3453]">Click Me</a>

Show a link and achieve a Campaign Goal when it’s clicked:

<a href="[memb_action_link goals=My Goal]">Click Me</a>

The link will look like this when rendered:

Run two action sets or more (separate with a comma “,”):

<a href="[memb_action_link action_ids=3453,4455]">Click Me</a>

The above looks like this when rendered:


Shortcode Parameters

action_ids: Comma separated list of Actionset IDs to run. Defaults to no actionsets run.

debug:  Defaults to 0 (off), can be set to 1 (on) to force debug output.

fus_ids: Comma separated list of Follow Up Sequence ID’s to run. Defaults to no Follow Up Sequences run.

goals: Comma separated list of Campaign Builder Goals to achieve. Defaults to no goal achieved.

redirect: URL to redirect to after the actions are executed.  If left blank no redirect is done.  Defaults to blank.

tagids: Comma separated list of Tag ID’s to add or remove from the user. ID’s prefixed with “-” are removed. Defaults to none.

tokens: Comma separated list of Tokens to add or remove from the user. Tokens prefixed with “-” are removed. Defaults to none.

Shortcode Attributes

Conditional: No (?)
Nestable: No (?)
Accepts formatting: No (?)
Capturable: No (?)

Additional Information

This shortcode can be used anywhere you can use a link. In OptimizePress for example, you can put this as the link URL in their button settings.


Can I use this shortcode with a page builder?

You can definitely use the shortcode to generate links inside page builders like Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder, etc.

The only limitation is most page builders do not support shortcodes inside link fields. This means you couldn’t use our shortcode as a link inside a button, image, or any other element/block.

Due to page builders constantly pushing out updates, we don’t have a list on which ones are and aren’t supported, but you can easily test this for yourself.

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