Prettify Contact HTTP POST

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This function extends your Infusionsoft system to enable you to clean up the formatting of certain kinds of user supplied information. This is especially useful for users who enter their personal information with CapsLock on, which creates an unprofessional appearance when their information is user in later correspondence.



The Prettify Contact HTTP POST function is compatible with Legacy HTTP POSTs, Actionsets, and Campaign Builder.


The Prettify Contact HTTP POST takes no parameters

mailto:  The email address to email the debug results to.

auth_key:  Your Memberium HTTP POST authentication key.  You can find a list of your valid i2SDK authentication keys in your i2SDK plugin.

noaccents:  Remove all accents from the user fields

Prettification Process

The system will prettify select contact fields. This involves:

The following fields are converted to mixed case, where the first letter of each word is capitalized and the following letters are lower case:


The following fields are converted to all lower case:

Email, EmailAddress2, EmailAddress3

The following fields are converted to all uppercase format:


The following fields are converted to uppercase format IF they are 3 letters or less long:

State, State2, State3

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