Plugin Compatibility

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Memberium strives at all times to maintain maximum compatibility with WordPress Core and Plugins. However there are situations where plugins may bypass or override core functions, resulting in a loss or change of functionality.

Common Symptoms of Incompatibility

Typically incompatible plugins exhibit one of the following symptoms:

  • Infusionsoft API crashes
  • HTTP POSTs failing to work
  • Users unable to login
  • Protected content showing

Infusionsoft API crashes

i2SDK Plugins older than v3.50 use a commonly named library provided by Infusionsoft called the iSDK. Other plugins using the same library, may cause conflicts. As of version 3.50 the Memberium iSDK has been renamed to eliminate all conflicts.

HTTP POSTs failing to work

Some security plugins may intercept and block web hits from other servers. Examples of this would be Bulletproof Security, Securi, or WordFence. You will need to review your security plugins to ensure that they are not interfering with the Infusionsoft server requests.

Users unable to login

Some security plugins may validate users and block access before Memberium can create or update the local user profile. Examples of this would be Limit Login Attempts, which is installed by default on WPEngine. You will need to review your security plugins to ensure that they are not interfering with the login process..

Protected Content Showing

Memberium protects your content by hooking into the standard WordPress protection mechanisms. Any plugin that follows these standards will automatically inherit access to Memberium’s security controls. Some plugins may bypass these mechanisms and directly access the WordPress database to display their data. An example of this is Simple:Press, which has it’s own security controls and ignores the standard WordPress filtering mechanisms.

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