Password Generation Scanner (MakePass Scanner)

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The MakePass scanner is the latest method to create passwords for new members. Rather than relying on an unreliable HTTP POST, this new feature scans your Infusionsoft contact database for new members, generates passwords for them, and then runs a completion action on each contact. The scans run every three minutes.
You can configure your MakePass scanner by going to Memberium->Sync Options

As each password is generated, a tag will be applied or an actionset run.

Makepass Start Tag

The tag defined here will determine which users the makepass scanner tries to generate passwords for. This tag will be removed once a password has been generated. Please note that you should not remove Start Tag on your own, as Memberium will remove it automatically and then apply Complete Tag from below.

Makepass Complete Tag

The tag defined here will be applied by the makepass scanner after password generation has completed. Completion Tag should be used with a tag goal to start a campaign sequence.

Example on how should Infusionsoft campaign and sequence look if you are looking to, for example send welcome email to your newly registered users that got their password through Make Pass Scanner

Makepass Complete Actionset

This is optional and it is not required for makepass to work. Once you select the actionset, that actionset will be run once password generation has finished.

Contacts Per Scan

Default value for the “Contacts Per Scan” option is 20 and this works for most of the websites.

There’s really no exact guide on how much this value should be set to, since it depends on how many seconds the scan is allowed to run for and how long the API calls take, etc. In any case, having this option set above 120 is something we can’t recommend.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the WordPress cron job should be running every minute and not on only when the site is visited (which is how it runs by default), otherwise makepass scanner might take longer to finish password generation.

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