Ninja Forms Integration

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Beginning in v2.44, Memberium provides an out-of-the-box integration with Ninja Forms, which enables you to use the familiar and easy to use shortcode system. You may be familiar with this feature as “Autofill”.

Pro Tip
While more expensive, we recommend using Gravity Forms instead. The licensing is less arbitrary and the product and add-on ecosystem are far more mature and robust than Ninja Forms.

You can get Gravity Forms here

You can install the core Ninja Forms plugin for free from WordPress.

Creating Your First Ninja Form

Ninja Forms enables you to easily build forms for your website. Every field type you may need is available through the drag and drop interface.

Setting Up AutoFill

To specify a field on your form for autofill, go to the “Advanced Settings” tab in your form’s field. You will see a “Default Value” dropdown. Select “Custom ->”. You will see an input box to the left where you can enter you default value. The shortcode or text you enter here be automatically set when your user views your form.

Ninja Forms Advanced Settings



Choosing a WordPress form plugin: Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, or Formidable Pro?

Ninja Forms

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