Membership Success Best Practices with Memberium and Infusionsoft

David Bullock — 


  • These best practices are generic rules and philosophies.
  • Best practices aren’t always convenient.
  • Best practices aren’t always cheap / free.
  • Needs are different than wants.
  • If your needs don’t match the best practice then it may not be a best practice for you. We offer them up with hopes to help, not hinder.
  • Dave has a lot of opinions, and is self-aware of this.

Web Site Hosting

  • Make sure your webhost supports PHP 7.0, it’s the fastest version.
  • Speed matters.

WordPress Setup

  • There is no best theme.
  • Memberium controls what your site does, not how it looks. How it looks is controlled by your theme. This is a powerful separation of duties.
  • All themes that follow WordPress standards work with Memberium. There are thousands of free and premium themes, so we cannot personally exhaustively test all of them.
  • We do test the following themes: Thrive, Divi, Visual Composer, Avada, OptimizePress, and BeaverBuilder.
  • It’s preferable to host your public sales and marketing site separately from your membership site(s).
  • Avoid the WOffice theme. It works fine with us, but it has *severe* scalability issues. Use BuddyBoss Social Learner instead for a similar look and feel.
  • The beauty of our sites is less important to our members. They come to us for content, empowerment and service, not for pretty widgets.
  • The beauty of our sites is more important to us as site owners, our sites are our pride, but we’re not our customers.
  • Put your customers first.
  • There are few plugins outside of our community that directly integrate with Memberium. Don’t require Memberium integration, look for plugins that are designed to play weell with other plugins.


  • If you don’t go with someone certified, then get references. Not everyone who claims Memberium proficiency there has it. Not everyone who has experience is good at it.
  • Ignore the above at your own peril.
  • Your best bet is a Memberium certified partner.
  • Your next best bet is an Infusionsoft certified partner (ICP).
  • Your next best bet is an Infusionsoft certified consultant (ICC).
  • Your next best bet is an a VA who’s active in our community with Infusionsoft and WordPress experience.
  • Your implementor is welcome to contact support, but we ask that they keep the site owner CC:’d.
  • It’s not the job of Memberium’s support team to do your implementor’s work for them, or teach them Infusionsoft.

Memberium Setup

  • Start simple. Be lean. Implement your minimum viable product and get to market. Version One is better than Version None.
  • Never test your site with an admin login. Always use a regular user.
  • You will spend more time assembling, formatting and loading your content than you will on the site setup. Collect your content first.
  • Find a Memberium certified partner to help you if you don’t want to do it on your own.
  • Let the Memberium team install your plugin at no cost to you, so we can identify and fix any web hosting issues
  • Use the Memberium install wizard to walk you through the plugin setup and make sure you have the latest versions of everything.
  • Use a custom field to store your membership password, instead of using the built-in “Password” field on the Additional Info tab.
  • Pay attention to the error messages and warnings that Memberium displays. Work with support to fix the issues. Click the dismiss once they’re fixed.
  • Test. Test. Test.
  • Membership sites aren’t just for your customers; membership sites are for your prospects and leads as well.
  • Marketing doesn’t end with the sale. It has a valuable responsibility after the sale to reassure your customer, and to ethically maximize their total lifetime value.
  • Use a service like Amazon S3 to share files instead of services like Dropbox.

Video Hosting

  • Host your video files and other large media on a separate server from your WordPress install.
  • Use a video streaming service designed for serving video such as Vimeo or Wistia, instead of a DIY solution like Amazon S3 or Rackspace Cloud files

Infusionsoft Configuration

  • Use Actionsets for things that you need to happen immediately.
  • Use Campaign Builder for things that you want to happen over the next 15 minutes or later.
  • Actionsets are not a legacy feature. Many Infusionsoft functions are ONLY possible with Actionsets with no Campaign Builder replacement in sight.
  • Just because a feature says “Legacy” doesn’t mean it’s obsolete. Sometimes Infusionsoft calls things legacy as wishful thinking.
  • Campaign Builder is actually a workflow tool, not just an email campaign tool.

Working with Support

  • Use support. We have over ten people working on the support team at various levels and we’re staffed 7 days a week; it’s a major investment for us. We’re here to guide and coach as well as fix errors.
  • Private messaging Dave on Facebook is not the best way to get support; he doesn’t use Facebook messenger but he does live in the support ticket queue.
  • Make sure your Memberium plugin and WordPress core are updated before you open a support ticket.
  • State the problem clearly: What did you do, what did you expect to happen, what happened instead.
  • Include the URL to your site.
  • Include an admin login for us to use.
  • Include the exact URL’s affected by the problem instead of describing the page by name.
  • Include the login of an example/test user that we can reproduce the problem with.
  • Verify all the logins you supply work before you submit the ticket.
  • Take advantage of our twice weekly office hours call to work personally with Micah and David.
  • If you have a feature request, our litmus test is that it has to serve our customers as a group, otherwise we’ll likely refer it to a partner to custom implement.


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