How to Get Started with MemberiumPay – Sell Courses and Memberships without Additional Plugins

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MemberiumPay is a simple checkout system (built into Memberium) that lets you sell your memberships or courses as one-time products or subscriptions.

The best part is that you don’t need any other shopping cart/plugin since this is included in Memberium. You only need to have access to Stripe (or PayPal coming soon).

When it comes to using MemberiumPay, you just need to configure your payment profile, add a product, create an order form, and voila, you’re done! You can also add a tag to the user upon successful payment, and you can use the same tag to start an automation in ActiveCampaign or Keap.

In this article, you’ll learn how to configure and use MemberiumPay.

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What is MemberiumPay?

Before we look at how to set things up step-by-step, let’s make sure MemberiumPay is the right fit for you. MemberiumPay is simply a new Memberium feature that allows you to sell access to your online courses or memberships without any additional plugins or eCommerce add-ons using Stripe. With it, you can sell an unlimited number of subscriptions and one-off products.

This is a simple way to sell your membership program, course or any digital products with Memberium. All payment processing is done securely by Stripe. A PayPal integration is coming soon.

MemberiumPay allows you to create simple, well-designed, responsive order forms that can be placed on any page on your WordPress site.

Once someone makes a purchase, it automatically triggers actions in your CRM to grant access to the product that’s been purchased and run any other automations that you want to run. MemberiumPay also allows your customers to self-manage their accounts through your Memberium site.

Who should use MemberiumPay?

MemberiumPay is designed for anyone running a membership program or online course that needs a basic order form to collect payment for access to their digital content.

There may be other use cases for MemberiumPay, but we’ve designed it with this purpose in mind. Selling online courses and memberships.

If you’re using Memberium already with ActiveCampaign or Keap, MemberiumPay is perfect since it already integrates directly with both CRMs. You can apply an ActiveCamapign or Keap tag to any contact after purchase or cancellation to trigger automation.

If you want customers to be able to make a purchase quickly, manage their accounts to update billing details, and be able to set all of this up in less than an hour, MemberiumPay is a good fit.

Who shouldn’t use MemberiumPay?

MemberiumPay is not designed for sites with advanced needs. For example, if you sell a physical product and need to charge for shipping or collect a shipping address, MemberiumPay’s order forms won’t support this.

MemberiumPay also does not support collecting sales tax or VAT. You will need to build this into your pricing if you’re required to collect it. Since tax is often based on the buyers’ location, advanced systems are required to determine what tax should be assessed.

If you have more advanced needs, we’d recommend using WooCommerce or another premium platform like ThriveCart or Spiffy.

How do I get started with MemberiumPay?

The great news is that MemberiumPay is included with your purchase of any Memberium for ActiveCampaign plan. If you have a Memberium Pro license, you’ll get access to the subscriptions feature of MemberiumPay. If you’re selling subscriptions on your site, you’ll want to make sure you have a Memberium Pro license. The support team can help you upgrade at any time.

It’s not yet available for Memberium for Keap (Infusionsoft) but will be soon.

If you’re already a Memberium for ActiveCampaign customer, you’ll simply enable the MemberiumPay extension under Memberium > Settings > Extensions. Once enabled and saved, the MemberiumPay menu item will show up in the left-hand sidebar.

If you’re not already a Memberium customer, pick any ActiveCampaign plan, and you’ll be able to get immediate access to the Memberium plugin, which includes MemberiumPay by default in all plans.

How to Setup MemberiumPay

Enable MemberiumPay

To use MemberiumPay, you need to be using Memberium for ActiveCampaign v1.180 or newer.

Go to Memberium > Settings > Extensions, enable MemberiumPay, and hit the Update button. This will enable MemberiumPay on your site.

enable memberiumpay

Once MemberiumPay is enabled, you’ll be able to see “MemberiumPay” as an option in your WordPress admin area sidebar.

Configuring Your Payment Profile

You’ll first need to add a payment profile so that you can start accepting payments on your site.

From the MemberiumPay menu, click on “Settings” and then on “Add Payment Profile” at the top.

As of now, only Stripe is supported for processing the payments.

payment profile

Enter a name for your payment profile and then select the payment method from the dropdown.

From the dropdown, select your country and currency in which you’re accepting the payment.

You’d now need to add details from your Stripe account. You can find these by logging into Stripe, going to Developers > API keys > then you’ll see the ‘Publishable key’ > ‘Secret key.’ You’ll have to press ‘Reveal key’ to see the secret key.

Enter the Public key, Secret key in MemberiumPay, and then click on the “Generate Endpoint Secret” button.

If the above screenshots that we have don’t look like your portal, visit the official Stripe documentation to see updated instructions on where to get your API credentials.

Once you’ve configured everything, don’t forget to click on the “Save” button at the bottom of the page.

Note: You’d need to add “live API key” from Stripe to your MemberiumPay settings so that the orders can be processed.

For testing, you’d need to use “Test data” mode under Stripe and also enable the “Sandbox” under MemberiumPay settings if you’d just like to test this and NOT go live. We have explained the testing process separately in the later section of this documentation.

It’s now time to add a new product.

Adding a new product

To add a new product, go to MemberiumPay > Products and click on the “Add New” button.

Add product

Enter the product name, description, excerpt (short description), and add a product image.

From the “Pricing” tab, select the currency, price, and sale price (optional).

From the “Automation” tab, select the tag that you’d like to apply upon a successful or failed purchase.

For a one-time payment product, you’ll have the following options under the ‘Automation’ tab:

  • Successful Purchase: this tag will be applied after payment is successfully made. This tag should trigger welcome automation in your CRM. You can check our documentation on creating a welcome onboarding sequence for more details on this.
  • Failed Purchase: If the purchase fails for any reason, such as a card decline, this tag will get applied. You can use this to follow up with someone who didn’t complete the purchase to see if there were technical issues or if they need assistance.

If you’re selling a subscription product, you’ll have the following options:

  • Successful Purchase: this tag will be applied after payment is successfully made. This tag should trigger welcome automation in your CRM.
  • Failed Purchase: If the purchase fails for any reason, such as a card decline, this tag will get applied. You can use this to follow up with someone who didn’t complete the purchase to see if there were technical issues or if they need assistance. It will also be applied if a subscription renewal fails. You can apply the PAYF tag for your membership to revoke their access.
  • Cancel Requested: This tag will be applied when a member presses the cancel subscription button on my account page.
  • On-Cancel: This tag will be applied on the actual cancellation date (the day before the next billing in Stripe).

The difference between ‘Cancel Requested’ and ‘On-Cancel’ is the timing. If you want members to keep their access until the end of the billing period, you’d only apply a CANC tag to remove their access ‘On-Cancel.’

If you want their access to be immediately shut off after pressing the cancel button, even if they still have time left in their billing cycle, you’d apply the tag under the ‘Cancel Requested’ action.

Note: Memberium would apply the tag under “Failed purchase” if the payment fails for any reason, and once the payment is successful, the same tag would be removed, and the “Successful purchase” tag would be applied to the user.

Adding a new subscription

Note: Subscriptions in MemberiumPay are available to all Memberium Pro license holders. If you’re not seeing these options, you’ll need to upgrade your subscription to a Pro license by contacting support. We’ll prorate and upgrade you right away!

The process for adding a subscription is much similar to adding a product. From the product type, select “Subscription Payments.”

Enter the description, excerpt and from the “Subscriptions” tab, click on the “Add New Pricing Plan” button.

You’d now need to add your subscription plan name, description, and pricing details.

The pricing details that you’d need to add are currency, billing frequency, billing amount, and when the subscription will end.

If your subscription offers a trial period, then enable the “Trial period” option and save the changes.

Adding Multiple Subscription Plans with MemberiumPay

If you add multiple subscription plan options, such as monthly and yearly, then the customer will have the choice presented to them at checkout as to which they want to purchase.

For example, in the order form below, you can see there are two options to purchase: one monthly and one annual option.

Creating an Order form

Once you’ve created your product or subscription, you need to create an order form.

You’ll need to create separate order forms for each of your products and subscriptions.

Order form type: Select “Single payment” if you’re creating this order form for a product; otherwise, select “Subscription payments” if you’re making this order form for a subscription

Checkout currency: The currency in which you’re going to accept the payment.

Merchant profile: This would be the merchant profile that you created earlier.

Product: Select the product from the dropdown. You can select only one product per order form.

Once this is configured, click on the “Form Fields” tab.

From this page, you can change the labels for different fields as well as change the error messages.

form fields Memberiumpay

You can change the label for email, first name, last name, phone, address, country and many other fields. You can also change the error message that will be displayed to the user when the particular information is not entered by the user.

Once this is configured, click on the “Thank You” tab.

From this page, you can select whether you want to show custom content upon successful purchase, redirect to some URL, or some existing page on the site.

Lastly, the “Notices” tab allows an email to be sent upon successful purchase to the site owner. This email won’t be sent to your customer. You can add the email address to which you’d like the email to be sent to.

How to View Order History

To view the order history, go to MemberiumPay > Orders.

From here, you’ll be able to view the total orders you’ve received on the site along with customer details.

For subscriptions, you’ll also have the option to cancel the customer’s subscription from this page by viewing the detailed order history.

Adding the Order Form to a Page

Once Stripe has been configured, a product/subscription has been added, and an order form is created, you can now add the order form to the page.

To do this, go to MemberiumPay > Order Forms, and click on the order form.

On this page in the top right, you can see the shortcode that you can copy and then paste to your WordPress page. You can place this in a text block inside of your page builder (such as Elementor). We recommend a page that doesn’t have a sidebar for the best results.

This will add the order form to your page. You can now visit the same page to check how the order form looks.

Here’s how an order form would look like on the site:

That’s all you need to do. You can now direct traffic to this page to place an order. We’d always suggest running a test to confirm all the automation is working as expected.

Sending Receipts to Your Customers

You can send a receipt to the customer using Stripe. Receipts are not sent from MemberiumPay or WordPress.

To do this, login to Stripe, and from the Dashboard, click on Settings. Scroll down on this page and from the “Business settings” heading, click on “Emails.”

On this page, from the “Customer emails” section, enable the “Successful payment” setting as per this screenshot.

You can select which language to use for receipts in your email receipt settings and upload a custom logo in the branding settings.

Testing Your MemberiumPay Order Form

It is highly recommended that you run through the complete sales and checkout process to know how everything works on your site. Start from your pricing or sales page to make sure everything is linked together and working correctly.

Although you can test the order form using a real credit/debit card, you can also put MemberiumPay into sandbox mode. You can enable the Stripe Sandbox setting (discussed earlier). This can be enabled from MemberiumPay > Settings and edit your payment profile. On this page, you can find and enable Sandbox.

Note that you’d also need to enable the sandbox mode in Stripe by clicking the switch “View test data” in Stripe and then copy your keys and add it under MemberiumPay settings.

At this stage, you’d need to have products and an order form created under MemberiumPay. You can edit your Order form and then copy the order form code from the same page.

Add this order form code to a page and then test it out!

To test it out, log out of your site or use another browser. Act like a visitor coming to your site and test all your sales pages. Once you reach the MemberiumPay order form, you can purchase the product or subscription using the card 4242424242424242 with a valid expiration and any CVV code.

Once the product/subscription is purchased, you should be automatically logged in to the site. Check if the proper tags were added to the record, the automation ran (if you’ve configured this in your CRM), and that you have access to the content you should.

Important note: Once you’re done with testing, don’t forget to disable the “Sandbox” mode from MemberiumPay settings. If the Sandbox mode is not disabled, your orders will not be processed live, and customers won’t be charged.

Adding a “My Account” page

Memberium offers a straightforward method to create a “My Account” page on your site. You’d just need to use the [memb_my_account] shortcode for this.

This shortcode has multiple uses; for example, it can be used to update contact details, add or edit credit cards, cancel an existing subscription, etc.

Here’s a complete list of what this shortcode allows you to do:

  • Update your contact details like Name, email, phone
  • Update billing details such as
  • View subscription details along with the option to cancel the subscription
  • Your current orders (for products)
  • Change password on the site
  • Logout option

This shortcode doesn’t have any other parameters. You’ll simply place ” [memb_my_account] ” on your desired page. Easy!

Allow Users to Add/Update Their Credit Card in MemberiumPay

The [memb_update_cc_form] is a simple shortcode that can be used to allow the user to add or update their credit card details.

Similar to the My Account shortcode, placing this shortcode on the page is all you have to do. Members will be be able to click the Credit card dropdown to change their credit card or add a new one.

They can also update their billing address by clicking on the “Update Billing Address” link.

This shortcode could be used on a “Update Your Credit Card” page that the member sees if their subscription renewal fails.

In most cases, you’ll want to use the [memb_my_account] we showed you earlier.


Yes, it’s possible. For this, you’d enable the Stripe Sandbox and then add the Stripe Public key and Secret key. Once the sandbox details are configured, you can then test out the order form using the card 4242424242424242 with a valid expiration and any CVV code.

More details about the sandbox are explained in the section above titled “Testing Your MemberiumPay Order Form.”

No, as of now, there isn’t a way to do this. If you want to offer a discount to customers, create a new product and order form specifically for the promotion with the discounted pricing. You can then unpublish the order form after the promotion is expired to stop new signups.

PayPal support is coming soon. We will send an announcement out when it’s available.

No, it’s not possible to collect taxes. We’d recommend using WooCommerce or something similar if you need tax calculation and collection.

No, MemberiumPay doesn’t support physical products. Again, we’d recommend WooCommerce for this.

For adding a new card or editing an existing card, you can use the [memb_my_account] shortcode. This would be placed on a page where members can access it. They would see the My Account portal, as we pictured earlier in the post. One tab in that portal lets them add a new credit card for future billing.

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