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Lock in 50% Savings While Building Your Business on the Platform Trusted by TOP Thought Leaders

There's a reason Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Ryan Deiss, John Assaraf, and other thought leaders use Memberium. Maximum Flexibility and Ownership.

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5 Year License

Get a full Memberium license to use just like normal. 5-Star support access included. Only difference is it lasts 5 years and by committing upfront you will save 50% off compared to paying monthly.

We've never done an offer like this before and we probably won't ever again. If you like lifetime deals, this is about as close as Memberium will get to offering one.

($497 Value)

Access to's NEW training course that teaches you the fundamentals of building and marketing your membership site.

There is over 6 hours of video content included and when you purchase during the Cyber Monday sale, you'll get this included at no extra cost.

Why Not Lifetime?

We looked at the numbers and we simply can't offer a lifetime option. The number one cost on our end is support. We staff a support team that has won multiple awards for their outstanding service in the G2 Marketplace and the Keap Marketplace.

I don't share this to brag about our support team and you've probably heard every company say this. Please verify things for yourself or email and we'll show you proof.

We considered offering you a lifetime license without access to support, but then your experience with Memberium would not be up to our high standards.

With that in mind, we decided the best middle ground option would be to give you a significant discount in exchange for your commitment. We took the monthly price of each plan, multiplied it by 60 months (5 years), and then marked it down by 50%.

This is the absolute best deal you'll ever get on Memberium. We've never offered any discounts such as this and it's unlikely we will in the future. If these prices are outside of your current budget, I completely understand and encourage you to stay on your monthly or yearly license and continue to grow your business.

What happens after 5 years?

Nothing at all. Your license will become inactive at which point you can purchase a monthly or yearly Memberium license to keep things active.

There is NO auto-renew.

But I want you to consider that 5 years is a HUGE period of time to grow your business. A recent case study we did with Reliable Education showed us that they sold $60 Million in just 5 years

Of course, results aren't guaranteed and it largely depends on your marketing capability and the content you're selling, but if during the 5 years you decide to pivot or change your business, we'll gladly switch the license to a new domain for you. Just contact support.

Will Memberium be here in 5 years?

The short answer is YES

Of course, the long answer is that we don't know what will happen in 5 years worth of time. Our business is completely sustainable as is. Part of the reason we refuse to offer a lifetime license is because we can't guarantee we'll be here in 50 years. But 5 years - yes.

There are BIG players using Memberium right now. Memberium powers a site with 1.1 Million members.

Memberium powers Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi's membership sites. You can find the case studies on our website.

We are used by Ryan Deiss from Digital Marketer.

NONE of this is to brag.

It's to make the point that there are big names who use us and we have a responsibility to keep things going not only for their sake, but for the thousands of membership site owners who depend on us for their livelihood. 

I have questions...

We are ready to answer any questions you might have. Just email and we will personally respond within 24 hours. If you're on the fence and the clock expires waiting for our answer, we'll still honor the deal. That's just who we are.

You're not getting into business with a sleazy company who is out to get every nickel and dime from you. We truly want you to succeed and reach your goals. We know that if we offer genuine service and products, you'll refer us to your friends and through that we'll have long term success.

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