Local Auth Only

David Bullock — 

When this function is enabled,  Memberium uses the more secure WordPress user authentication instead of relyng on the plain text password stored in the Infusionsoft contact password field.  In the event of duplicate records, Memberium will use the original contact record (lowest numbered) consistent with an email address matching the WordPress login.

Default setting = NO – Memberium will check the Infusionsoft contact password field for a match.

Please note:

  1. If you run the HTTP post action through Infusionsoft for generating a password, that password will initially work unless it is changed through WordPress afterwards.
  2. If you’re using this feature, you would need to use the built in WordPress password reset and not the [memb_send_password] for Password Reset.
  3. If you need to manually change the user’s password, you will need to use the WordPress User administration screen.
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