Infusionsoft Password Field

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This dropdown lets you select which field to use for your password field.

You can use either the built-in password field, or a custom text field of your choice.

We strongly recommend that you create a custom text field, and use that for your password.  Newer versions of Memberium provide a built-in tool to create a custom password field if you do not already have one.

The create a custom password field, please see the instructions here

Using the built-in password field has the following drawbacks:

  • Limited to 20 characters
  • Must be stored in plain text
  • Does not support encryption
  • Is used for other purposes by Infusionsoft
  • Requires an extra API call during some operations
  • Incompatible with the new Infusionsoft order forms

We recommend that you create a custom field to use for your membership site password.

There are advantages to using the built-in password field:

  • Provides a seamless migration from CustomerHub and older WordPress membership plugins
  • Does not consume an extra field
  • Is placed consistently in the contact and is easy to find

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