Implementing Badges with BadgeOS

David Bullock — 

You can use BadgeOS through the BadgeOS shortcodes and the BadgeOS plugin for WordPress

Lists all achievements held by the current user


Adds an achievement

[memb_award_achievement id=xxx] 

Deletes an achievement

[memb_revoke_achievement id=xxx] 

Where xxx is the ID # of the Badge created in the BadgeOS plugin.

Badges and achievements are actually quite a bit more sophisticated than a single badge. Achievements are accumulated, and when enough are accumulated to earn the badge, you get the badge, multiple levels of badges can be earned for various achievements such as this example:

  • 1 achievement – Beginner
  • 10 achievements – Pro
  • 20 achievements – Expert

The achievements and the badges they earn are configured in BadgeOS.

Most people simply implement badges through using tags, if you have the tag, you have the badge.

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