How to Find Infusionsoft Field Names

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Various Memberium functions use Infusionsoft fields for parameters to indicate where to read or write data. The most common examples are [memb_affiliate] and [memb_contact].

Standard Contact Fields

AccountId, Address1Type, Address2Street1, Address2Street2, Address2Type, Address3Street1, Address3Street2, Address3Type, Anniversary, AssistantName, AssistantPhone, BillingInformation, Birthday, City, City2, City3, Company, CompanyID, ContactNotes, ContactType, Country, Country2, Country3, CreatedBy, DateCreated, Email, EmailAddress2, EmailAddress3, Fax1, Fax1Type, Fax2, Fax2Type, FirstName, Groups, Id, JobTitle, LastName, LastUpdated, LastUpdatedBy, LeadSourceId, Leadsource, MiddleName, Nickname, OwnerID, Password, Phone1, Phone1Ext, Phone1Type, Phone2, Phone2Ext, Phone2Type, Phone3, Phone3Ext, Phone3Type, Phone4, Phone4Ext, Phone4Type, Phone5, Phone5Ext, Phone5Type, PostalCode, PostalCode2, PostalCode3, ReferralCode, SpouseName, State, State2, State3. StreetAddress1, StreetAddress2, Suffix, Title, Username, Validated, Website, ZipFour1, ZipFour2, ZipFour3

Standard Affiliate Fields

AffCode, AffName, ContactId, DefCommissionType, Id, LeadAmt, LeadCookieFor, LeadPercent, NotifyLead, NotifySale, ParentId, Password, PayoutType, SaleAmt, SalePercent, Status

Other Tables

The field names for the additional tables can be found here:

Custom Fields

The following types of record can have custom fields.

Referral Partners (Affiliates)

Finding your Custom Field Names

Custom field names must start with an underscore (_). If you need to access the names for your custom fields follow the instructions below:

In your Infusionsoft App, go to Admin > Settings in the main navigation menu

Infusionsoft Custom Fields Step 1

Go to the custom field section, select a field type from the drop-down, and then click “Go”.

Infusionsoft Custom Fields Step 2

Click on the View the field database names (for the API ) link. A popup windows listing the database field names will be listed in a new window.

Infusionsoft Custom Fields Step 3

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