How to create a test user in Memberium for Infusionsoft?

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You’ve just introduced a new feature on your membership site and you want to see how it works for regular non-admin users? In this article, we’ll cover one of the most common questions – how to create a test user with Memberium for Infusionsoft?

Please note
Using WordPress admin users or users that don’t sync with Infusionsoft (don’t have an Infusionsoft user record) you won’t be able to fully test how Memberium shortcodes work.
Therefore, you should create a non-admin WordPress user who has an Infusionsoft record in order to properly test how Memberium shortcodes work.

Step 1
First of all, we’ll go ahead and create an Infusionsoft record which we’ll be our test user. In order to do that quickly, you can click on the “+” sign next to the search bar and in there fill in First name, Last name and the Email you’ll be using for the test user.

Creating a test user in Infusionsoft

Please note that in case you’ll need to test how emails are delivered and you’ll need a valid email address, you can use 3rd party temp email solutions (example: or you can use your other email address.

Step 2
Once we have created a test user, we can now generate password for this user. In order to do that, we’ll need a password generation HTTP POST URL from Memberium => Settings => HTTP Posts/Links tab => Password Generator Example: field.

“HTTP Posts/Links” tab

Step 3
Since we have copied the “Password Generator Example:” URL, we can now go back to our Infusionsoft test user contact record and click on the “Select action” dropdown. In there, we’ll select “Apply Actions”. Once we click on “Apply Actions”, a pop-up window will show up.

On that pop-up window, we should select “Send an http post to another server” from the dropdown. Now, in the “Post URL:” field, we need to put te password generation HTTP POST URL we’ve got in Step 2 and then click on “Save”.

Once we click on “Save”, we’ll see something like on the image below. Now, we need to click on the “Apply Actions to ‘x’ button and password should be generated.

Once running HTTP POST has finished, we can close the pop-up and we should see password in the selected password field in Infusionsoft. At this point, we can use the email and newly generated password of our test user and login to the site.

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