Why should I choose Memberium for building my Infusionsoft membership site?

Here’s a few reasons why we believe Memberium is a good choice for you:

In summary:

We wrote Memberium to deal with shortcomings in competing products. We use it with our own clients. We have a team to support you. We’re partner oriented. Making a product that is fast, secure — that means no back doors, scalable, easy on your server, easy to maintain, extendable and FAST is our mission. We believe in you keeping control of your brand. We’re also the leading choice of mission critical membership sites.

We want to earn your trust.

1. You Keep Control

Memberium allows you to completely control the branding of your service and presentation.

Unlike hosted solutions that force you to use a subdomain of someone else’s service, you can use the domain of your choice. Similarly you have access to the thousands of themes made available to the WordPress community, or you can roll your own.

2. We Eat Our Own Dog Food

We work (and distressingly sometimes play) in this space. We’re not here some rent-a-coder here just to sell software. We not only make Memberium available to you, but we use it ourselves on our own sites, and with our own clients and our friends.

We believe in eating our own dog food and we built our own business on top of using it.

Before Memberium was launched publicly, we were using it to solve problems for our private clients. We’ve been in the membership space since before the Internet became commonplace, developing and managing BBS software for dialup. We’ve been writing software for the internet and the web since 1996. Suffice it to say, this isn’t a business opportunity for us in as much as it’s a passion.

3. We

You’ll notice the term “we” in our writing.

We’re not all coders, however we are partners with employees and we’re growing.

Our source code is not held by a single individual, and is escrowed offsite so that if something were to happen to any of us, your investment is protected.

4. Partnerships

Our concept of team doesn’t end at our company. As a core principle we believe in enabling and partnering with other companies to leverage their talents and strengths to create an ecosystem that benefits everyone.

If you’re of a certain age you’ll remember Johnny Carson, who as the host made it is his mission to always present his guests in the best light.

If you’re working in the Infusionsoft space we’d love to work with you and do what we can to make you a hero to your clients.

5. Secure

Memberium does not include any backdoors or undocumented logins to access your site or user data.

We’re happy to assist you with your site, but you’ll need to provide the logins to us.

We can’t login or access your data without you providing us logins and permission.

Your list of clients who have trusted you is your greatest asset, so we have made our full source code available to select clients and independent reviewers to ensure that we’re safe for you and your client’s data.

This need for security and trust was one of the two driving factors that inspired Memberium’s creation. For this reason we also require that you be running PHP 5.3 or newer.

6. Scalable

Memberium was designed from Day 1 for responsible use of the API.

Unlike older plugins that were designed in the days when every page load would cause a half dozen API calls to be made, Memberium was conceived and designed around the two concepts that the API use is subject to quota, and that since API calls are relatively slow.

It’s a core feature of our product that you have complete control over what’s synchronized, speeding up your site and minimizing your database footprint for maximum performance.

Depending on your needs, you can tune Memberium to run with as little as 20% of the API calls of competing legacy solutions.

Memberium today easily handles sites ranging from ten users to sites with many tens of thousands of users. Those same loads have caused severe performance problems with kitchen-sink approach plugins.

7. Lean Memory Footprint

Similar plugins require enormous amounts of memory, and will cause site crashes due to memory exhaustion. As part of our focus on scalability we manage memory usage very carefully.

If your plugin author tells you that you need to increase your memory to 64M, 96M or even more just to run one plugin, that’s a huge red flag because it’s hiding the problem — not fixing the problem. This memory pressure contributes to scalability and reliability issues when your site is under load.

8. Fast

Memberium is designed from the ground up for performance. We’re not afraid to embrace modern technologies and caching, which allow us improve the speed of our client’s sites.

Combined with the principles we use to encouraging scalability, and our refusal to turn Memberium into a hodge podge of non-membership functions, this results in a faster user experience.

9. Compatibility

Memberium is designed to work with WordPress, not against it. You won’t find terms like “defeating” in our documentation. We don’t view WordPress as a subject to be dominated and beaten down.

It’s an amazing platform that encourages customization and there are ways to work with WordPress to get the job done and still maintain compatibility.

10. Ease of Maintenance

Because of our commitment to compatibility, in contrast with competing plugins, we don’t need to hack or bypass WordPress, and therefore you will not be forced to upgrade Memberium just because WordPress rolls out a new update. You can upgrade when you’re ready not when we force you to.

11. Support

We don’t outsource our support to “social media”. We provide phone support as well as email support. Every request is assigned a ticket number so that you can track your request.

12. Extendability

Memberium is designed by developers, for developers. We provide the i2SDK plugin as a free resource for anyone who wants to integrate their Infusionsoft application with their WordPress site. Memberium is built on top of the i2SDK and can share it with your plugins and code.

We provide clearly documented functions to make it easy for you to use your site the way you want to, not the way we think you should use it.

Memberium plays well with the tens of thousands of plugins in the WordPress repository, and whenever possible we integrate with leading plugins to ensure you have the best options available, instead of building our own versions.

13. Designed for Infusionsoft

Memberium is designed to work with Infusionsoft, using best practices. We support Infusionsoft concepts directly without dumbing it down into a generic model.

14. Trust

Because of our transparency, scalability and ease of maintenance, Memberium is trusted by some of the biggest names in the Internet Marketing space. We’d love the opportunity to earn your trust too.

15. No Hidden Settings

We don’t believe in hiding settings and features. If the capability is there, we respect your ability to control it without undocumented database hacks.

16. Choice

We believe in providing a platform that provides tools and capabilities but doesn’t force you into our decisions. The greatest prize is to see what our users create.

In years past there were little or no choices for WordPress/Infusionsoft plugins. That’s no longer true today, and you now have a choice what plugin works best for your style.

17. Fair Licensing Terms

Frankly, the monthly subscription fee for the product shouldn’t be a significant factor when choosing a membership software.

What will save you real money is the effort we’ve put into scalability and performance to ensure that you don’t have to throw expensive hardware, hosting and manual fine tuning at your site to make it work, and those costs can easily dwarf the subscription price of Memberium.

Memberium stands out from the competition in several ways, above and beyond our reasonably priced licenses.

First, we stand behind our product and offer a 30 day Money Back Guarantee on all accounts.

Second, we provide a price guarantee. The subscription rate you sign up for will never go above your agreed upon rate as long as your subscription is kept current. Competing products state up front that they provide no such guarantee, and reserve the right to hike up prices after you’ve already locked into the purchase.

Third, we believe in fair licensing terms. Memberium made unlimited subdomains a standard benefit in ALL our licenses, and we provided unlimited domains plans at reasonably priced rates so that you don’t have to keep re-buying the same product you already bought. We recognized that a client with 10 domains does not require 10 times the support, so we priced our plans fairly and we’ve been thrilled to see our competitors price their plans more reasonably even though they’ve not yet full adopted our more generous licensing models yet.

OK, so that was more than few. Thank you for looking at and considering us as a Membership option.

Still have questions? Contact us at Support or call and talk to our sales at (801) 894-9994

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