Does Memberium work with my web hosting provider?

We maintain the list below as a best effort guide. WordPress is a popular platform and a great many hosts support it to one degree or another.

Hosting technology is subject to change and as we learn about new compatibilities or incompatibilities we’ll update this page. If you have new information about a host that you’d like to share or recommend please contact us at Support

IonCube Update – No Longer Required

In the past, Memberium required the IonCube Loader PHP extension in order to run. As more webhosts are moving away from IonCube, we, too, decided to leave it behind. All Memberium releases after January 16, 2020 do not require the IonCube Loader to run. Webhosts that we’ve listed an incompatible due to IonCube restrictions may be compatible again. We’ve updated this page to reflect that. If you have any questions, reach out to our support team.

My Web Host isn’t listed below? How Can I find out if it supports Memberium?

We provide an installation wizard that will inspect your web hosting to make sure it has the features the PHP versions needed to run Memberium.

Download Wizard

To run the wizard, download the plugin from this link and install it on your WordPress site.

If you do have a web host that supports Memberium, please let us know at Support, so we can add your web host to our list.

What Web Host Does Memberium Work With? Memberium works with almost all hosting providers, and we’ve made changes to reduce our dependencies in order to be compatible with even more web hosting companies. 

My Host isn’t Listed

Don’t see your host here? We probably will work with them. You can download our installer for WordPress which includes web host compatibility checks.

Recommended Hosts

We strongly recommend against using shared hosting. If your hosting costs $15.00 USD per month or less, you’re probably looking at shared hosting. Shared hosting is where your site shares the same server resources as a thousand other sites on a badly overloaded server.

Sites running on shared hosting are often slow and erratic in performance due to being on a server shared with thousands of other sites. It will run, but slowly and erratically and provide a poor experience and reliability issues for your clients.

Agathon Group

Yes! You can review Agathon Group hosting here. Responsive support and very speedy servers running current versions of PHP make for very fast sites. Pricing is here.


Kinsta is a managed WordPress host exclusively powered by Google Cloud Platform and the container technology. Kinsta
provides managed WordPress hosting services for high traffic sites, enterprise, and community websites. Kinsta’s container technology gives better performance and scalability over VPS’s. Kinsta uses the latest version of Nginx, MariaDB, and PHP. Developer tools like SSH, one-click staging, & WP-CLI are standard on all plans. More information is here.


Yes! You can review Siteground hosting here. MMMastery and Memberium use SiteGround for several of our sites.

If you’re a Siteground user then we recommend you to contact Siteground support and make sure their anti-bot CAPTCHA is disabled, because at times it may block CRM updates from being pushed to the membership site.

WP Engine

Yes! Memberium runs on WP Engine. There are some additional steps you will need to have WP Engine support assist you with. We’ve included a pre-written template through the above link that you can copy+paste into your WP Engine support request. Once they change two minor settings in your account, Memberium will run on WP Engine hosting. A significant limitation of WPEngine is that you cannot install WordPress in a subdirectory; they only support one install per (sub)domain.




Yes!. FlyWheel has caching enabled to speed up your site. However caching can accidentally deliver your premium content to the wrong members or to non-members. We recommend contacting FlyWheel support to have them disable caching for your membership site URL’s. You can also use FlyWheel’s “Development Mode” to disable caching site-wide, but we recommend doing it properly through their support channels.

Compatible Hosts

A Small Orange LLC

Yes!. You can review A Small Orange hosting here.

HiVelocity Hosting



Yes! Digital Marketer runs all of their websites on Rackspace, and has completely converted over to Memberium. You can review Rackspace hosting here.

Website Welcome



Yes! Memberium works on Pressidium.


Yes! Memberium works on BlueHost, but we typically like to recommend SiteGround as an alternative to BlueHost for better customer support.


Some Support, not recommended. GoDaddy is fine for domain registration, but their hosting services are problematic.

Memberium can be run on GoDaddy cPanel Hosting.

GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting has a caching system which interferes with Infusionsoft’s HTTP POSTs, and is not supported. Also it lacks support for cron jobs which is yet another limitation of GoDaddy Managed WordPress hosting.

In the past, we’ve considered GoDaddy’s managed hosting plans incompatible with Memberium as they do not support IonCube. Memberium no longer requires IonCube as long as you’re on a version released on or after January 2020.


Yes! Memberium works on MediaTemple servers.

Memberium works on’s higher tiered plans that allow for 3rd party plugins to be installed. Last we checked, the lower plans didn’t allow for custom/3rd party plugins to be installed.


Yes! However, we’ve noticed that this host has a security setting and firewall enabled by default that blocks Memberium license server, as well as ActiveCampaign webhooks and Infusionsoft HTTP POSTs too. If you’re on this host, then please reach out to them so that they can remove the restrictions and un-block Memberium license server, ActiveCampaign webhooks, and Infusionsoft HTTP POSTs.

Great Hosts for Techies

Digital Ocean

Yes! We use Digital Ocean internally to host our development systems using NginX, PHP-FPM, and MariaDB. Digital Ocean is a non-managed VPS environment featuring high performance SSD storage on all systems.



Amazon Web Services EC2

Yes! Memberium works great on EC2 with ELB, Route 53, S3 and Cloudfront.

Microsoft Azure



Yes!. Memberium works on both HostGator cPanel and Managed WordPress plans. In the past, Memberium required IonCube which was not available on the Managed WordPress plans. As of January 2020, Memberium does not require IonCube and can work in environments where the IonCube Loader is not present.

Hosts to Avoid


Yes, Memberium runs on DreamHost. HOWEVER, we do not recommend hosting any business site on Dreamhost. We also strongly caution against using their low cost shared hosting plans as their servers are very heavily used, and running a membership site is more resource-intensive than your average WordPress website. DreamHost has been plagued over the years with downtime and capacity issues and will take no responsibility for breaking your site during upgrades. We do not recommend using them for your business.

Unsupported Hosts


Although Memberium may run on Pantheon, we’ve seen issues with aggressive page caching that causes the wrong content to be displayed.


No. 🙁 Unfortunately at this time, ThemeCo does not have the basic capabilities required to host Memberium.

Windows Servers

Although Memberium may work on Windows-based servers, we cannot provide system admin support for servers running Microsoft Windows.

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