Can I switch the domain my site is licensed under? Yes. Contact our support team and we'll get it switched right away.

Pro licenses require no coordination with us. Your site will be licensed based on your Infusionsoft app automatically.

Moving your site to a different directory, or to/from a subdomain also does not require coordination, since we automatically license all sites anywhere on your domain and all of its subdomains.

If you do need a domain change, please email us at Support, and let us know which domain you are moving from, and which domain you are moving to. If you need to schedule the switch please let us know, otherwise, we will assume it is desired for immediate change. Domain changes usually take only a few minutes once we start the process.

To update your new site, go to Memberium->Dashboard and click the "Renew License" button until the trial message disappears.

Notes for Developers working on Client Sites

If you are a developer working on behalf of a licensee and need to do the development on another server:

  • If the license is an unlimited license, then you can do your development on your own domain with no issues.
  • If the license is a domain license, you have three options:
    1. You can map a subdomain of the client's domain to your dev server, and do your development there.
    2. You can temporarily move the license to your domain, simply contact Support from the license owner's email address so we can verify the transfer. Once you're ready to push it back live, let us know and we'll move the license back to the original domain.
    3. Development on naked IP's is not supported for domain licenses.
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