Presales FAQ's

Here’s a few reasons why we believe Memberium is a good choice for you:

In summary:

We wrote Memberium to deal with shortcomings in competing products. We use it with our own clients. We have a team to support you. We’re partner oriented. Making a product that is fast, secure — that means no back doors, scalable, easy on your server, easy to maintain, extendable and FAST is our mission. We believe in you keeping control of your brand. We’re also the leading choice of mission critical membership sites.

We want to earn your trust.

1. You Keep Control

Memberium allows you to completely control the branding of your service and presentation.

Unlike hosted solutions that force you to use a subdomain of someone else’s service, you can use the domain of your choice. Similarly you have access to the thousands of themes made available to the WordPress community, or you can roll your own.

2. We Eat Our Own Dog Food

We work (and distressingly sometimes play) in this space. We’re not here some rent-a-coder here just to sell software. We not only make Memberium available to you, but we use it ourselves on our own sites, and with our own clients and our friends.

We believe in eating our own dog food and we built our own business on top of using it.

Before Memberium was launched publicly, we were using it to solve problems for our private clients. We’ve been in the membership space since before the Internet became commonplace, developing and managing BBS software for dialup. We’ve been writing software for the internet and the web since 1996. Suffice it to say, this isn’t a business opportunity for us in as much as it’s a passion.

3. We

You’ll notice the term “we” in our writing.

We’re not all coders, however we are partners with employees and we’re growing.

Our source code is not held by a single individual, and is escrowed offsite so that if something were to happen to any of us, your investment is protected.

4. Partnerships

Our concept of team doesn’t end at our company. As a core principle we believe in enabling and partnering with other companies to leverage their talents and strengths to create an ecosystem that benefits everyone.

If you’re of a certain age you’ll remember Johnny Carson, who as the host made it is his mission to always present his guests in the best light.

If you’re working in the Infusionsoft space we’d love to work with you and do what we can to make you a hero to your clients.

5. Secure

Memberium does not include any backdoors or undocumented logins to access your site or user data.

We’re happy to assist you with your site, but you’ll need to provide the logins to us.

We can’t login or access your data without your providing us logins and permission.

Your list of clients who have trusted you is your greatest asset, so we have made our full source code available to select clients and independent reviewers to ensure that we’re safe for you and your client’s data.

This need for security and trust was one of the two driving factors that inspired Memberium’s creation. For this reason we also require that you be running PHP 5.3 or newer.

6. Scalable

Memberium was designed from Day 1 for responsible use of the API.

Unlike older plugins that were designed in the days when every page load would cause a half dozen API calls to be made, Memberium was conceived and designed around the two concepts that the API use is subject to quota, and that since API calls are relatively slow.

It’s a core feature of our product that you have complete control over what’s synchronized, speeding up your site and minimizing your database footprint for maximum performance.

Depending on your needs, you can tune Memberium to run with as little as 20% of the API calls of competing legacy solutions.

Memberium today easily handles sites ranging from ten users to sites with many tens of thousands of users. Those same loads have caused severe performance problems with kitchen-sink approach plugins.

7. Lean Memory Footprint

Similar plugins require enormous amounts of memory, and will cause site crashes due to memory exhaustion. As part of our focus on scalability we manage memory usage very carefully.

If your plugin author tells you that you need to increase your memory to 64M, 96M or even more just to run one plugin, that’s a huge red flag because it’s hiding the problem — not fixing the problem. This memory pressure contributes to scalability and reliability issues when your site is under load.

8. Fast

Memberium is designed from the ground up for performance. We’re not afraid to embrace modern technologies and caching, which allow us improve the speed of our client’s sites.

Combined with the principles we use to encouraging scalability, and our refusal to turn Memberium into a hodge podge of non-membership functions, this results in a faster user experience.

9. Compatibility

Memberium is designed to work with WordPress, not against it. You won’t find terms like “defeating” in our documentation. We don’t view WordPress as a subject to be dominated and beaten down.

It’s an amazing platform that encourages customization and there are ways to work with WordPress to get the job done and still maintain compatibility.

10. Ease of Maintenance

Because of our commitment to compatibility, in contrast with competing plugins, we don’t need to hack or bypass WordPress, and therefore you will not be forced to upgrade Memberium just because WordPress rolls out a new update. You can upgrade when you’re ready not when we force you to.

11. Support

We don’t outsource our support to “social media”. We provide phone support as well as email support. Every request is assigned a ticket number so that you can track your request.

12. Extendability

Memberium is designed by developers, for developers. We provide the i2SDK plugin as a free resource for anyone who wants to integrate their Infusionsoft application with their WordPress site. Memberium is built on top of the i2SDK and can share it with your plugins and code.

We provide clearly documented functions to make it easy for you to use your site the way you want to, not the way we think you should use it.

Memberium plays well with the tens of thousands of plugins in the WordPress repository, and whenever possible we integrate with leading plugins to ensure you have the best options available, instead of building our own versions.

13. Designed for Infusionsoft

Memberium is designed to work with Infusionsoft, using best practices. We support Infusionsoft concepts directly without dumbing it down into a generic model.

14. Trust

Because of our transparency, scalability and ease of maintenance, Memberium is trusted by some of the biggest names in the Internet Marketing space. We’d love the opportunity to earn your trust too.

15. No Hidden Settings

We don’t believe in hiding settings and features. If the capability is there, we respect your ability to control it without undocumented database hacks.

16. Choice

We believe in providing a platform that provides tools and capabilities but doesn’t force you into our decisions. The greatest prize is to see what our users create.

In years past there were little or no choices for WordPress/Infusionsoft plugins. That’s no longer true today, and you now have a choice what plugin works best for your style.

17. Fair Licensing Terms

Frankly, the monthly subscription fee for the product shouldn’t be a significant factor when choosing a membership software.

What will save you real money is the effort we’ve put into scalability and performance to ensure that you don’t have to throw expensive hardware, hosting and manual fine tuning at your site to make it work, and those costs can easily dwarf the subscription price of Memberium.

Memberium stands out from the competition in several ways, above and beyond our reasonably priced licenses.

First, we stand behind our product and offer a 30 day Money Back Guarantee on all accounts.

Second, we provide a price guarantee. The subscription rate you sign up for will never go above your agreed upon rate as long as your subscription is kept current. Competing products state up front that they provide no suchguarantee, and reserve the right to hike up prices after you’ve already locked into the purchase.

Third, we believe in fair licensing terms. Memberium made unlimited subdomains a standard benefit in ALL our licenses, and we provided unlimited domains plans at reasonably priced rates so that you don’t have to keep re-buying the same product you already bought. We recognized that a client with 10 domains does not require 10 times the support, so we priced our plans fairly and we’ve been thrilled to see our competitors price their plans more reasonably even though they’ve not yet full adopted our more generous licensing models yet.

OK, so that was more than few. Thank you for looking at and considering us as a Membership option.

Still have questions? Contact us at Support or call and talk to our sales at (801) 894-9994

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We provide free installation for Memberium when a license is purchased. As part of your checkout process, we’ll ask you a few questions and give you the option to take advantage of the free installation offer. If you prefer that you or your team install the software we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

You can reach us at Support.

Is it hard? Can I do it myself?

It’s not hard, but it does require some familiarity with both WordPress and Infusionsoft. We do our best to make setting up and managing your membership site as easy as possible both in the software, and through our written and video documentation.

However, if you need additional consulting done to customize your solution or do an advanced installation — we can work with you directly, or help connect you with a consultant or Infusionsoft Certified Partner to work with you on your project. Just reach out to us and let us know how we can help you best.

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Yes, switching from iMember360 or Wishlist is very easy. You can install the i2SDK and Memberium and set up your membership levels using the same tags.

It will use the same users and passwords as well but you will need to assign the new membership levels you’ve created to the pages and posts in your site. There is a bulk editor within Memberium so you can do this all at once if you’d like.

If you’re using shortcodes from another plugin, you will need to replace those shortcodes with the equivalent Memberium shortcodes instead. You can find a list of our shortcodes here.

Most importantly, it is always recommended to first setup a staging site and test your migration there, then do it on your live site.  If you have any other questions regarding migration, please contact us for help.

Malware Warning

As of June 2015, we have received reports that iMember360 may now be displaying a hardcoded HTML message when it detects that Memberium is installed:

Sorry, malware has been detected on your site.

iMember360 will then lock you out of your own site’s admin Dashboard. This is not a valid warning, and will vanish as soon as you remove iMember360 from your WordPress plugin directory. Scanning the site with Securi or other malware detection tool will confirm this. Because iMember360 locks you out of your dashboard, you will need cpanel, SFTP or FTP access to regain control of your site.

As a result, we now recommend uninstalling iMember360 before you start the upgrade process on your live site.

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Our requirements are fairly simple.

1. You need a hosting service that supports WordPress.

2. You need PHP 7.0 or later (as of January 2020)

3. You need CURL support in your PHP. We use CURL to communicate with your Infusionsoft application.

If you are looking for a webhost, we have a fairly comprehensive list of supported/recommended hosts here.

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The name Memberium is a play on the various hard but light metals used in industry, such as aluminum (aluminium) and titanium. The suffix “ium” is also used to indicate the setting where a given activity is carried out, such as your membership site. An example would be a Gymnasium or Stadium.

We like to think of it as “Member”-“ium”, it’s the raw material you build your website with.

We pronounce it “mem-bayr-ee-um”.

But however you pronounce it, we’ll know what you mean 🙂

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Click here to see our latest minimum requirements. We’ve also included the list below to give you an idea of our compatibility with different stacks.

We are designed to run on…


YES! Most of our clients run Apache or a mix of Apache and NginX.


We no longer support HHVM or Hack. The performance improvements from these forks are now available in PHP 7, which we do recommend.


Yes, we love the Apache alternatives. Lighty is a great web server option; fast and easy to work with – much like NginX.

Load Balancers

YES! We love load balancers. Memberium is designed to work with Load Balancers using both sticky and non-sticky sessions. Please verify with your tech team that the load balancer is not blocking HTTP POSTs.


Yes, Memberium works great with MariaDB, as a faster and more efficient alternative to MySQL.


YES! Memberium runs great with ModPHP on Apache.


Yes, Memberium works GREAT with NginX, which is faster and easier to scale than Apache.

Novak Solutions Plugins

YES! You can run Joey Novak’s plugins alongside Memberium to enhance your website’s capabilities.


Yes, Memberium works great with PHP-FPM. Note that We do NOT support versions of PHP older than 5.3 for performance, security and reliability reasons.


YES! We have integration support to work with PlusThis. PlusThis is one of the swiss army knives of Infusionsoft integration. You can learn more about PlusThis here.


Yes, Memberium is designed to work great with Speedilicious. To learn more click here to visit Speedilicious‘ website.


Yes, Memberium works great with SSL.

W3 Total Cache

YES! Memberium works great with W3 Total Cache. You just need to be sure to disable page caching. Page Caching does the opposite of what we’re using membership software for. It provides every visitor with the same page, whereas Memberium is designed to deliver a custom experience to each of your users. Even without Page Caching W3TC can be a great tool for scaling your site, since it provides a great many optimizations and features beyond page caching. As with any tool that alters the behavior of your WordPress site, test it well before deploying it in production.

WordPress Multisite

YES! We support WordPress MultiSite as of version 2.40. Each site can be setup to connect to a different Infusionsoft application, or the same application can share the same cache data between multiple sites.


Yes, Memberium works great with xCache; we can leverage xCache, APC and Memcache’s APIs for caching. Unlike 3rd party systems such as W3 Total Cache, our internal caching system is designed with the awareness of our function.

The Bad News


CloudFlare is an external caching system. We don’t recommend caching your membership site using CloudFlare. If you run your site in a subdirectory, you can use CloudFlare with your main site, and setup an exception for your Memberium powered site by excluding that URL. CloudFlare’s tools may also block access to Infusinosoft’s HTTP POST commands.

Ontraport aka Office AutoPilot

Sorry, we don’t support Ontraport or Office AutoPilot. If you’d like to see Ontraport supported please do let us know.


Sorry, we don’t support SalesForce. If you’d like to see SalesForce supported please do let us know.

WishList Member

If you’re planning to migrate a site from WishList Membership system, unfortunately, you can’t run both plugins at once during your transition since they will both fight to take over access control of your site.


Sorry, we don’t support 1ShoppingCart. For membership websites integrated with 1ShoppingCart we recommend WishList Member

I don’t see what I’m looking for?

If you don’t see your favorite technology here, feel free to ask us!

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We maintain the list below as a best effort guide. WordPress is a popular platform and a great many hosts support it to one degree or another.

Hosting technology is subject to change and as we learn about new compatibilities or incompatibilities we’ll update this page. If you have new information about a host that you’d like to share or recommend please contact us at Support

IonCube Update – No Longer Required

In the past, Memberium required the IonCube Loader PHP extension in order to run. As more webhosts are moving away from IonCube, we, too, decided to leave it behind. All Memberium releases after January 16, 2020 do not require the IonCube Loader to run. Webhosts that we’ve listed an incompatible due to IonCube restrictions may be compatible again. We’ve updated this page to reflect that. If you have any questions, reach out to our support team.

My Web Host isn’t listed below? How Can I find out if it supports Memberium?

We provide an installation wizard that will inspect your web hosting to make sure it has the features the PHP versions needed to run Memberium.

Download Wizard

To run the wizard, download the plugin from this link and install it on your WordPress site.

If you do have a web host that supports Memberium, please let us know at Support, so we can add your web host to our list.

What Web Host Does Memberium Work With? Memberium works with almost all hosting providers, and we’ve made changes to reduce our dependencies in order to be compatible with even more web hosting companies. 

My Host isn’t Listed

Don’t see your host here? We probably will work with them. You can download our installer for WordPress which includes web host compatibility checks.

Recommended Hosts

We strongly recommend against using shared hosting. If your hosting costs $15.00 USD per month or less, you’re probably looking at shared hosting. Shared hosting is where your site shares the same server resources as a thousand other sites on a badly overloaded server.

Sites running on shared hosting are often slow and erratic in performance due to being on a server shared with thousands of other sites. It will run, but slowly and erratically and provide a poor experience and reliability issues for your clients.

Agathon Group

Yes! You can review Agathon Group hosting here. Responsive support and very speedy servers running current versions of PHP make for very fast sites. Pricing is here.


Kinsta is a managed WordPress host exclusively powered by Google Cloud Platform and the container technology. Kinsta
provides managed WordPress hosting services for high traffic sites, enterprise, and community websites. Kinsta’s container technology gives better performance and scalability over VPS’s. Kinsta uses the latest version of Nginx, MariaDB, and PHP. Developer tools like SSH, one-click staging, & WP-CLI are standard on all plans. More information is here.


Yes! You can review Siteground hosting here. MMMastery and Memberium use SiteGround for several of our sites.

WP Engine

Yes! Memberium runs on WP Engine. There are some additional steps you will need to have WP Engine support assist you with. We’ve included a pre-written template through the above link that you can copy+paste into your WP Engine support request. Once they change two minor settings in your account, Memberium will run on WP Engine hosting. A significant limitation of WPEngine is that you cannot install WordPress in a subdirectory; they only support one install per (sub)domain.




Yes!. FlyWheel has caching enabled to speed up your site. However caching can accidentally deliver your premium content to the wrong members or to non-members. We recommend contacting FlyWheel support to have them disable caching for your membership site URL’s. You can also use FlyWheel’s “Development Mode” to disable caching site-wide, but we recommend doing it properly through their support channels.

Compatible Hosts

A Small Orange LLC

Yes!. You can review A Small Orange hosting here.

HiVelocity Hosting



Yes! Digital Marketer runs all of their websites on Rackspace, and has completely converted over to Memberium. You can review Rackspace hosting here.


Yes! You can review Synthesis Managed WordPress hosting here.

One note of concern with WebSynthesis is that they have intentionally misconfigured their servers to emit warnings and errors to your users which is clearly recommended against by PHP. This may create security issues for you. Due to this misconfiguration we have downgraded WebSynthesis from Recommended to Compatible.

Website Welcome



Yes! Memberium works on Pressidium.


Yes!. Memberium works on LunarPages.


Yes! Memberium works on BlueHost, but we typically like to recommend SiteGround as an alternative to BlueHost for better customer support.


Some Support, not recommended. GoDaddy is fine for domain registration, but their hosting services are problematic.

Memberium can be run on GoDaddy cPanel Hosting.

GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting has a caching system which interferes with Infusionsoft’s HTTP POSTs, and is not supported. Also it lacks support for cron jobs which is yet another limitation of GoDaddy Managed WordPress hosting.

In the past, we’ve considered GoDaddy’s managed hosting plans incompatible with Memberium as they do not support IonCube. Memberium no longer requires IonCube as long as you’re on a version released on or after January 2020.


Yes! Memberium works on MediaTemple servers.

Memberium works on’s higher tiered plans that allow for 3rd party plugins to be installed. Last we checked, the lower plans didn’t allow for custom/3rd party plugins to be installed.

Great Hosts for Techies

Digital Ocean

Yes! We use Digital Ocean internally to host our development systems using NginX, PHP-FPM, and MariaDB. Digital Ocean is a non-managed VPS environment featuring high performance SSD storage on all systems.



Amazon Web Services EC2

Yes! Memberium works great on EC2 with ELB, Route 53, S3 and Cloudfront.

Microsoft Azure



Yes!. Memberium works on both HostGator cPanel and Managed WordPress plans. In the past, Memberium required IonCube which was not available on the Managed WordPress plans. As of January 2020, Memberium does not require IonCube and can work in environments where the IonCube Loader is not present.

Hosts to Avoid


Yes, Memberium runs on DreamHost. HOWEVER, we do not recommend hosting any business site on Dreamhost. We also strongly caution against using their low cost shared hosting plans as their servers are very heavily used, and running a membership site is more resource-intensive than your average WordPress website. DreamHost has been plagued over the years with downtime and capacity issues and will take no responsibility for breaking your site during upgrades. We do not recommend using them for your business.

Unsupported Hosts


Although Memberium may run on Pantheon, we’ve seen issues with aggressive page caching that causes the wrong content to be displayed.


No. 🙁 Unfortunately at this time, ThemeCo does not have the basic capabilities required to host Memberium.

Windows Servers

Although Memberium may work on Windows-based servers, we cannot provide system admin support for servers running Microsoft Windows.

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Unfortunately, we can’t give it to you for free outright. But, if for any reason you’re not happy with Memberium during your first 30 days of signing up, just let us know and we’ll give you a full refund for your purchase, no questions asked.

Our main goal is to make our customers happy and provide you with the best membership site plugin possible, which is why we stand behind our product, and offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

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Billing FAQ's

You can cancel your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by logging in to the Memberium members area, visit the ‘My Account’ page and selecting the option to cancel.

Additionally, you can cancel anytime by contacting Support with a message saying that you’d like to cancel your account.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed or we’ll give you your money back!

All orders come with a 30-day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you don’t have a good experience or aren’t happy with Memberium, just let us know within your first 30 days and we’ll issue you a prompt & full refund, no questions asked.

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Can I switch the domain my site is licensed under? Yes. Contact our support team and we'll get it switched right away.

Pro licenses require no coordination with us. Your site will be licensed based on your Infusionsoft app automatically.

Moving your site to a different directory, or to/from a subdomain also does not require coordination, since we automatically license all sites anywhere on your domain and all of its subdomains.

If you do need a domain change, please email us at Support, and let us know which domain you are moving from, and which domain you are moving to. If you need to schedule the switch please let us know, otherwise, we will assume it is desired for immediate change. Domain changes usually take only a few minutes once we start the process.

To update your new site, go to Memberium->Dashboard and click the "Renew License" button until the trial message disappears.

Notes for Developers working on Client Sites

If you are a developer working on behalf of a licensee and need to do the development on another server:

  • If the license is an unlimited license, then you can do your development on your own domain with no issues.
  • If the license is a domain license, you have three options:
    1. You can map a subdomain of the client's domain to your dev server, and do your development there.
    2. You can temporarily move the license to your domain, simply contact Support from the license owner's email address so we can verify the transfer. Once you're ready to push it back live, let us know and we'll move the license back to the original domain.
    3. Development on naked IP's is not supported for domain licenses.
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We'd be glad to do this for you 🙂

All you'd need to do is get in touch with us and start a conversation here with our support bot with the following details...

1) Name of the Infusionsoft application or domain that you'd like us to license. The Infusionsoft application name is within your Infusionsoft link. For example, if you use, your app name will be xyz.

2) A confirmation if we can go ahead and use your existing card on file to do the upgrade.

3) You'd also need to let us know which plan you'd like us to upgrade to. You can read about the subscription plans memberium offers here.

Once we have all the details, we will pro-rate your current subscription based on unused days and add it as a credit to the new subscription.

In case you have any other questions, don't hesitate to let us know here and we'll get you taken care of.

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If you'd like to upgrade or downgrade your Memberium account, just contact support by clicking here and let them know your license type and which license type you'd like to switch to.

You can move between types of licenses (for example, switching from a Standard license to a Pro license) or you can move between frequencies of payment (for example, switching from paying monthly to instead paying yearly).

In these cases, we will apply any unused portion of a payment you've made toward the new license.

For instance, if you just paid for your monthly account yesterday and decide to switch to a yearly account, we'll take your monthly payment and apply it as a credit toward the yearly payment amount and charge you the difference when setting up your yearly subscription.

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Memberium Technical / Usage Related FAQ's

The code behind Memberium conforms to the strict standards set for WordPress plugin development and is designed to function correctly with other well-written plugins and themes, however conflicts can and do happen.

There are thousands of plugins available for WordPress, with varying goals, qualities of code, and intentions for use.

Some conflicts are intentional, for example there are security plugins which block Infusionsoft’s HTTP POSTs from reaching your site. Examples of this include WP-SpamShield, iThemes Security, etc. The iThemes conflict can be fixed by editing the changes it makes to your .htaccess file, but the WP-Spamshield has no ability to let HTTP POSTs through.

Some conflicts are minor and side effects of the design. If you notice something working oddly or not working after installing another plugin, you can usually narrow it down by disabling the plugins and turning them on one-by-one and testing your site, until you find the plugin causing the problem.

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Yes, Memberium is both mobile-friendly and compatible with responsive design.

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Memberium works with all the Infusionsoft/Keap plans that offer API integration. Memberium uses Infusionsoft’s Legacy API system to connect to the CRM to pull in your data such as tags, contact records, billing information, etc.

The only plan that we know doesn’t work is the Keap Grow plan. This plan, according to our customers and Infusionsoft support, does not offer the ability to retrieve an API key or passphrase.

Due to this, you’ll need to upgrade to at least the Keap Pro plan or get the Infusionsoft version.

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Additional BuddyBoss Integration

In addition to this guide, we have another full guide that explains this feature and our other integrations with BuddyBoss, BuddyPress, and bbPress.

Step 1
Turn on "Sync Meta Updates" from Memberium->Settings->Performance.

Step 2
Go to Memberium->Sync Options->BuddyPress Fields and choose the Infusionsoft field which you'd like to sync with.

Step 3

Note: Always make sure your BuddyPress and Memberium are updated to the latest version if you find something not working as per your expectations. In case you need any assistance or help, please do let us know here and we'll be happy to help :).

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Here’s a video showing you how to find and set your Merchant Account ID:

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You can update your Memberium to our latest release by going to your WordPress admin screen->Plugins and searching for Memberium and hitting update.

Alternatively, you can update your Memberium to our latest beta from Memberium -> Support -> Updates tab -> Memberium Manual Updater and selecting the very latest version from the dropdown.

While updating to our latest version, you’d need to make sure that you check confirm update before hitting save options to complete the update process.

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Click the below link to see how to add a log in link for non logged in members, and have a log out link only be visible to logged in visitors.

View Post on ‘How to Add a Log In / Log Out link to Your WordPress Sidebar’

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Memberium requires no upgrades in order to work with WordPress from versions 3.9 or later.

Memberium does not require “Sync Releases” for compatibility either.

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We put great effort into respecting the platform (WordPress) we’re built on. We do our best to develop systems that maintain maximum compatibility and performance so you don’t have to worry about as much.

In the time we’ve been developing Memberium, we’ve never once needed to make a code change to support a WordPress upgrade.

Upgrades are difficult enough without forcing you to upgrade multiple pieces together at the same time.

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Please see this video guide on adding or changing your site’s logo when using our custom page templates.

If you don’t already have the page templates, you can get them by contacting support.

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We’ve written a sample ticket that you can copy & send to WPEngine support to prepare your hosting account for Memberium, click here to see the full instructions.

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To add a users first name you would use:

[memb_contact fields=FirstName]

To add a users email address you would use:

[memb_contact fields=Email]

Refer to the memb_contact shortcode for more info on this and how to add other Infusionsoft fields.

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  • Install the wordpress plug in called ‘Widget Logic’ By Mark Maunder, or install a similar plugin that allows you to conditionally control the appearance of widgets.
  • At bottom of widget under widget logic paste

    = this widget will only be shown to logged in members (see example screenshot below)


    = this widget will only be shown to non logged in members (see example screenshot below)

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If you want to create your own custom log in page and not use the default WordPress log in you can add the ‘memb_loginform’ shortcode to a new WordPress page called ‘Log In’, it can also be added to a widget or theme template.

If you want to include a ‘Forgot password?’ password link below the log in form, add the ‘memb_send_password’ shortcode to a new WordPress page called ‘Forgot Password’ and add a link to the new page below the log in form.

Memberium also offers pre-built page templates which has page templates for login and forgot password (among many others) so you don’t have to manually create these pages. If you’d like to install these page templates on your site, then please contact Memberium support by opening a support ticket.

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Use the content protection box on the right-hand side of any page or post.

For any other special content areas that you want to protect, and only allow certain members to see, then use one of the access control shortcodes, such as the [memb_has_any_tag] shortcode.

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Include this for the url where you want users to click to auto log in:

Example Use With Redirect to a specific page after log in:

<a href=""> Log In Automatically Here </a>

To auto log-in a user from Customerhub use this for the link url:{{user.infusion_id}}&Email={{}}&auth_key=yourauthkey&redir=

Read more on how Memberium autologin links work:

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You have two options on how to generate a password for your members. You can have the user create one, or you can have Memberium automatically create a password for you and assign it to the user.

Let Users Create Their Own Password

You can add a field to the webform or order form (legacy only) that a member will fill out that lets them type in their own new password. You’ll need to enter the appropriate password field that matches the field you’re using (Example: Field Snippets > Other > Password) to the webform you plan on using.

Adding password fields to order forms is trickier and is not officially supported by Infusionsoft. If Legacy Order forms are unavailable to you and you don’t have technical support resources, then we generally encourage using the automatic password generation to ensure smooth onboarding of your new members.

Automatically Assign A Password

You can use Infusionsoft’s HTTP POST functions to signal Memberium to automatically generate a password and assign it to the user pretty easily. HTTP POST actions can be run many ways, either in Campaign Builder after a goal is achieved, in a Purchase Action after a product is purchased, in a Legacy Actionset, etc.

The most common scenario is to use a Purchase Action or a Purchase Goal, and then to run the HTTP POST from there, but any of the ways will work.

What is an HTTP POST?

An HTTP POST is a simple way for one web server (Infusionsoft) to send a signal to another web server (Memberium) to tell it that something has happened, and an action needs to be taken. Infusionsoft has a helpful guide on using HTTP POSTS in their knowledgebase.

How to Setup an HTTP POST

When you use an HTTP POST, either in Campaign Builder or in Legacy, you will be prompted for a URL to send the HTTP POST

In order to make this manual step easier, we provide “done for you” URL’s in your Memberium > Settings > HTTP Post/Links page. This example code is ready to copy/paste from your Memberium screen straight into your Infusionsoft HTTP POST action with no edits.

You can also check out the video tutorial on creating Infusionsoft campaign which explains the password generation process.

HTTP POST Make Password Options

There are several options when creating a password, and the sample code uses the settings that are the typical actions used by almost everyone. If you have an unusual situation, such as creating new passwords to overwrite existing passwords, you may want to contact support or review the documentation to setup your HTTP POST for your special needs. VERY FEW people need this sort of behavior and it’s not commonly used since overwriting the existing password can be very confusing for users who often struggle with managing their passwords.


If you apply the HTTP POST Make Password action, and it doesn’t work, there are some steps you can do to work through the problem. We also encourage you to contact us at Memberium support as we may be able to help you as well.

  • If you’re posting to an HTTPS:// URL, Infusionsoft may have difficulty with your SSL certificate, you can work around this by using an HTTP:// link
  • If the link you’re HTTP POSTing to does a redirect, you can POST to the link its redirecting to. The Infusionsoft server doesn’t “follow” redirects and will just give up. Sometimes if you use (or don’t use) “www” in your URL this can happen.
  • If there’s a leading or trailing space when you paste the HTTP POST URL into Infusionsoft, that will often break the HTTP POST. Carefully edit your HTTP POST setup to remove any extra characters.
  • Your web host may be blocking Infusionsoft HTTP POSTs due to strict security measures. Please contact Memberium Support for assistance if you believe this may be the case.

Sending the User their Password

Once you have the password assigned to the user automatically, you’ll need to send them their password so that they can login. The easiest way to do this is to send a welcome email to the user after the purchase or signup with their username, password, and the link they need to login to your membership site.

When using Campaign Builder it is highly advisable to place at least a 1 or 2 minute delay BETWEEN the action of the password being generated, and the email notification. This gives Infusionsoft’s email database time to catch up with the new password information. If you don’t put this delay in place, you may find that some (or all) of your new members receive welcome messages with blank email passwords.

Another common mistake is to insert the “Password” field into the email, even if you’re using a custom password. The Infusionsoft Password field is a separate and distinct password field from the password field you’re using if you are using a custom field for your password.

Other Actions

Once the password is assigned, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve also applied the specific membership level tag(s) they need to grant their access. You can add this action set to your campaign after a user buys a membership or opts in.

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The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, commonly known as HIPAA, is a series of regulatory standards that outline the lawful use and disclosure of protected health information (PHI). HIPAA compliance is regulated by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and enforced by the Office for Civil Rights (OCR).

When it comes to Memberium, we don’t host your site or enforce any workflows/handling of data. Due to this, we can’t address HIPAA directly. However, we can provide you some information that may be helpful.

  • We do not handle any of your customer’s Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or Protected Health Information (PHI).
  • We do not have any logins or access to your sites or CRM.
  • We do not control which data elements you sync down from your CRM system.
  • We do not control which data you collect from your customers, or how you handle that data.
  • We do encrypt all data moving to and from the CRM system, and none of the data passes through our central systems.
  • All data stays on your server or in the CRM, and you’re responsible to maintain/verify that security.

It’s complex for us to be able to say your site would be HIPAA compliant based on so many factors involved and things outside of Memberium’s control. Based on that we cannot say that Memberium is 100% HIPAA compliant as a major portion of being compliant is factored around your data handling practices.

Instead of asking if Memberium or WordPress is HIPAA compliant, you should be looking at two main areas when it comes to the technical side:

  1. Is the CRM HIPAA compliant? (Infusionsoft and ActiveCampaign both claim to offer HIPAA compliance)
  2. Is my webserver HIPAA compliant?

Understanding if your web host is compliant has a lot of factors that we’re not equipped to help you unravel. We’d strongly suggest you speak with a legal or compliance professional to get definitive answers.

The information provided is not to be used as legal advice rather we’re providing it to help you get a start on researching how a site running Memberium can be HIPAA compliant.


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