How to Install and Setup Memberium

Welcome to Memberium!

Follow this simple 6 step guide to install Memberium and start setting up your membership site.
If you need help at anytime, our support team is standing by to help you.

1. Server Requirements for Installation.

If you run into any errors or problems while installing Memberium, please refer to our troubleshooting guide to find a potential solution. If the troubleshooting section doesn’t help solve your issue
then please contact our support team for assistance.

Since Memberium runs on top of WordPress, you’ll need a website on your web host’s server setup to run WordPress.

Your server must be running PHP 5.4 or newer.

Your server will also need the IonCube Loader (at least version 10) PHP extension available and setup properly.

If you’re not sure what your web host supports, don’t worry. In the next step, we’ll install the i2SDK plugin, which will confirm your PHP version and IonCube version automatically for you.

If your server does not have IonCube installed, or is running an out of date PHP version, you can ask web host to install it for you.
In many cases, we can help you install it as well.

For a list of web hosts that Memberium is known to work with, please see our guide here

Proceed to Step 2 – Install and Setup i2SDK