Default Prohibited Action: Controlling What Happens When Someone Doesn’t Have Access to Protected Content

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This allows you to set a default prohibited action for pages that are not available to certain levels or that need certain tags to access.

You can set the default to:

  • Redirect: When a user attempts to view prohibited content it may redirect them to a sales page or a login page.
  • Hide Completely: The page will show an error when accessed by someone without permission and will appear to not exist.
  • Show Excerpt Only: You can show only special content in the “Excerpt” section. This could be a teaser or a signup form for example.
  • None: No action will be taken.

Excerpt Options

If you opt to display an excerpt, you will need to set up the excerpt. These settings are found at the bottom of the page shown above. The video at the top of this page explains all of these settings in detail.

Review these docs (or the video above)…

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