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This setting under Memberium’s eCommerce Tab allows you to define a default merchant account to be used for eCommerce actions. This default merchant account only applies to eCommerce transactions that are executed within Memberium. It does not control which merchant account is used for transactions that happen within Infusionsoft itself.

The instructions below will guide you to finding your merchant account ID. Please don’t hesitate to contact support for assistance if you would like help.

Finding Your Merchant Account

Step 1: In the main navigation, go to eCommerce > Settings:

Step 2: In the left-hand navigation menu, select “Orders”:

Step 3: Right-click anywhere on the page, and then click “View Page Source”:

Step 4: Press CTRL+F or CMD+F to open the Find box. Then enter “Default Merchant Acct”. You should get 2 results similar to what you see below:

Step 5: You should see the name of your merchant account. Near the beginning, you’ll see a number which is the ID of your merchant account in Infusionsoft.

In my case, the ID would be “2”

Non-Infusionsoft Merchant Accounts

If you’re processing your orders and subscriptions through PayPal, Stripe, or a shopping cart system that implements orders and subscriptions outside of Infusionsoft, then this functionality will not work for you. PayFlowPro uses PayPal but operates like a credit card processor and will work with this.

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