This dropdown selects which fields in your Infusionsoft contact record is used to match the login name to. Currently we only support email fields, and we encourage you to use “Email” as your username. This provides the most reliability and maximum compatibility.

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This setting allows two options, “Yes” or “No”. The default setting is “No”. When set to “No”, non-admin users are not allowed to access the WordPress dashboard, and the Admin toolbar will also be removed. When set to “Yes”, the Admin toolbar will be displayed and Memberium will not prevent users from accessing the dashboard.

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When installing on WP Engine, you will need to contact WP Engine support and request that they turn off the “redirect_bots” setting, and purge the cache. If this setting is not disabled, then it will not be possible to send HTTP POSTs to your app, as the WP Engine server will intercept and stop them from succeeding. You’ll need to send a support ticket to WP Engine Support and ask them to allow your posts to contain variables.

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Setting this value to a non-zero number will cause the user to be automatically logged out if they are inactive for the number of seconds specified in the setting.

The logged out user will be sent to one of the following pages:

The default logout page for the user’s level.

The default logout page defined on the site.

The homepage of the site.

This feature appears in version 2.45

By default, Memberium requires all non-administrative users to have a corresponding Infusionsoft contact record. For larger sites, it’s not uncommon to have a group of team members who are not administrators, who may be working on the site, and who are not represented in the CRM system. Typically these users are forum moderators, editors and authors. While it is trivial to map these users into the CRM, it may not be desirable for any number of reasons.

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