You have already created content on your membership site and you are looking to give limited free/trial access to just a small portion of it, while still offering your free/trial users to get full access by purchasing/upgrading to a paid membership level?

We’ll try to help you get started with creating a basic free or free trial Infusionsoft campaign sequence, so that you can properly provide a way for your users to upgrade their account to a paying one. Along with that, we’ll also cover how to configure Memberium in order to create proper content protection of your content.

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In this post, we’ll show you how to display or hide Divi Builder conditionally based on a member’s existing Infusionsoft tags, current membership level or based on the user’s current login status (logged in or logged out).

To do this, the first step is to install and activate a free WordPress plugin called “Content Visibility for Divi Builder” to your site.

Once Content Visibility for Divi Builder is installed here’s an overview of how to display Divi Builder elements conditionally based on a members Infusionsoft tags, existing membership levels, or based on being logged in or not.

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Micah Mitchell, CEO of Memberium interviewed Jennifer Neal, CEO of Formula Done – a one stop solution for membership sites with specialization in Memberium membership sites. She is one of the first user of Memberium and we’re proud to announce Formula Done our first Memberium Certified Partner of the Month. Watch the video to know more about Jennifer and Formula Done.

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For businesses that leverage affiliate sales, leaderboards can be a major component of a powerful part of your affiliate marketing strategy. Creating a visual leaderboard for your affiliates provides a shared resource that encourages your affiliates to compete with each other and increase the effectiveness of the overall campaign. Find out how affiliate leaderboards work with Memberium and how to set one up on your WordPress site.

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With mobile web browsing becoming the main way people interact with your site, it’s important to have a way for your users to quickly log in. Memberium works with third-party plugins to provide a way for your users to log in using their Facebook accounts. In this guide, we’ll cover all the steps needed to get this implemented today!

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This guide was made to show you how to protect your downloadable content using Memberium and Amazon S3. The benefit of this setup includes expiring links so members can’t share download links with non-members and a possible performance increase by offloading file storage to S3 rather than your WordPress site.

What You’ll Need

  • Amazon S3 Account
  • Memberium Plugin

Getting Your S3 Access Keys

The video below will show you how to generate and access your Amazon S3 Access and Secret keys.

Setting File Permissions

Below you’ll see a demonstration of how to make sure your S3 files aren’t public. The key is to remove all permissions for the “Everyone” group. You’ll also want note down the path to the file. In my example, the bucket is ‘lesson523’ and the file name is ‘lesson1.pdf’

Configuring Memberium

In WordPress, navigate to Memberium>>Remote Files and fill in the details we just acquired. The Profile name will be used in Memberium shortcodes to reference back to this S3 account. The Default Host is usually “” and the Expiration can be set to 3. The other details will be specific to your S3 account.

Setting up Shortcodes:

We have various shortcodes that hook into the S3 integration, but for this guide, we’re focusing on downloads so we’ll use the [memb_s3_link] shortcode.

Example linking to the file shown in the second step:

<a [memb_s3_link htmlattr=href profile=”test” object=”lesson1.pdf”] > Download Lesson 1 </a>

You can add other HTML attributes to the text or even use an image that links to the file. Once the user clicks on that link, the expiration countdown will start. If you chose 3, as was recommended above, then after 3 seconds the link will stop working so if it was shared it would have expired before the recipient would be able to access it.

That’s it!

If you have any questions or would like some help at any time, our support team is standing by.

Pro TipIf you submit a ticket for assistance, please be sure to include all the requested information so we can get started on your ticket right away.

The number one delay in ticket service is incomplete or wrong information.