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Some of the features shown here are only available on Memberium for Infusionsoft version 2.174 or later. Here’s how to update your Memberium plugin.

This option tells Memberium to automatically generate an excerpt if one is not already set for the page or post. Memberium will create the excerpt by taking a set number of words (from the beginning) from the page or post.

You can control how many words are included by using the Auto Excerpt Length option.

Always Generate Excerpts can be used in conjunction with the Default Excerpt which is a similar option with the difference being the default excerpt isn’t auto-generated – rather you type in the content you want to display.

  • The default setting for this option is NO meaning Memberium won’t generate excerpts automatically.
  • If the setting is set to YES, an excerpt will be automatically created.

Auto Include Default Excerpt

If you have enabled Always Generate Excerpts and you have a Default Excerpt in place, you can use both at the same time…

The option labeled Auto Include Default Excerpt lets you control if the Default Excerpt (bottom of the page) should be included in addition to the automatically generated excerpt.

  • None: Memberium will not include the default excerpt – only the auto-generated excerpt will display.
  • Prepend Default Excerpt: this will display the default excerpt before the auto-generated excerpt.
  • Append Default Excerpt: this will display the default excerpt after the auto-generated excerpt.
  • Embed Excerpt: this lets you place the auto-generated excerpt inside of the Default Excerpt. See below for an example.

Embed Excerpt

This is an example of an embedded excerpt. The placeholder {{excerpt}} will bring in the Memberium auto-generated excerpt described above.

You can place other content around it as needed. This option only needs to be used if content needs to be both above and below the auto-generated excerpt. Otherwise, you can utilize our Prepend / Append Default Excerpt options.

Here’s the result of the example above:

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