Allow Local Logins

Memberium Admin — 

By default, Memberium requires all non-administrative users to have a corresponding Infusionsoft contact record.

For larger sites, it’s not uncommon to have a group of team members who are not administrators, who may be working on the site, and who are not represented in the CRM system. Typically these users are forum moderators, editors and authors. While it is trivial to map these users into the CRM, it may not be desirable for any number of reasons.

Because Non-CRM users have no tags or Infusionsoft Contact ID, they cannot view protected content, and may not use Infusionsoft functions or Auto-Login.

This setting when turned on, allows non-admin users without matching Infusionsoft contact records to login. This is useful if your site has editors and other non-admins working on your site.

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