Affiliate Leaderboards

Why Affiliate Leaderboards

For businesses that leverage affiliate sales, leaderboards can be a major component of a powerful part of your affiliate marketing strategy. Creating a visual leaderboard for your affiliates provides a shared resource that encourages your affiliates to compete with each other and increase the effectiveness of the overall campaign.

Enabling Affiliate Leaderboards extenstion

In order to enable Affiliate Leaderboards in Memberium, you’ll need to navigate to Memberium => Settings => Extenstions tab and in there make sure “Affiliate Leaderboards” optin is set to “Yes.

Once that’s enabled, “Affiliates” option will show under Memberium tab in WordPress.

“Affiliate Leaderboards” option is enabled by default, but in case it is for some reason turned off, this is the way how you can turn it on.

Affiliate Leaderboard Settings screen

In order to create affiliate leaderboard, please navigate to Memberium => Affiliates.

On this screen, you can create custom leaderboards in order to display them on your website. These leaderboards can be displayed with [memb_show_leaderboard] shortcode.

Currently there are 3 types of leaderboards you can create: Most Leads, Most Sales by Dollar Amount and Most Sales by Invoice Count.

When selecting Most Sales by Dollar Amount or Most Sales by Invoice Count as the Leaderboard type, and you want to create a leaderboard for specific product/s, you need to make sure that you select those in the “Products” field or if you want to track it for all the products, you can just leave it blank.

Displaying Affiliate Leaderboard/s on the website

Once you have created desired leaderboard, you would want to display it on your website. In order to do that, you’ll need to first use [memb_show_leaderboard] shortcode and then you’ll need to refresh the leaderboard by clicking on the “Refresh” button inside Memberium => Affiliates page in order for the leaderboard to be refreshed and updated.

Example of the shortcode

This would be an example that will show leaderboard named “Test” (without quotes). Name of the leaderboard can be find inside Memberium => Affiliates page => “Name” column:

[memb_show_leaderboard id=”Test”]

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