Requires Memberium v2.46.02 and i2SDk v3.54 or newer

This function provides a way for your Infusionsoft system to notify your Memberium site of new tags being added, or tags being removed from the current contact without using any API calls. This function can be used on any site, but is most useful on high traffic sites where Campaign Builder is updating access and you need notify Memberium.



NOTE: This function may only be executed from Campaign Builder’s Native HTTP POST

NOTE: This function does not actually add the tags to the contact in Infusionsoft, it simply tells Memberium that you added the tags in Infusionsoft. You are responsible to apply the tags yourself in your campaign sequence.


Add Tag HTTP POSTs take the following parameters:

nofetch=1: Prevents API calls during the HTTP POST. Requires i2SDK v3.54 or newer.

tagids: A comma separated list of tags id numbers to add or remove from the selected contact. Negative tag id’s will be removed, positive tag id’s will be added. As of v2.46.02 tag names are not supported.

auth_key:  Your Memberium HTTP POST authentication key.  You can find a list of your valid i2SDK authentication keys in your i2SDK plugin.


As of i2SDK 3.54, you must also put a second nofetch=1 in the field parameters in Campaign Builder. An example screenshot is provided below:


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