How to Add Editor and Author Users when using Memberium

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When it comes to a membership site, apart from having admin and subscriber users, you might also need to add users with editor and author roles. Editors, for example can help you with managing content on the site and they don’t need to be on the CRM. In this short guide, you’ll learn how you can add editor, author, contributor users to your WordPress site running on Memberium.

Allow Local Logins:

The first thing that you’ll need to do is to enable “Allow Local Logins” from Memberium > Settings > Login page.

Basically this setting will allow non-admin users without matching Infusionsoft contact records to login. Here’s the documentation on Allow Local Logins.

Allowing access to WordPress Dashboard:

You’ll now need to turn ON “Allow Access to WP Dashboard” setting from Memberium > Settings > Site Security.

This will enable non-admin users to access your WordPress Dashboard, and also display the admin toolbar to them.

On the same page, you’ll also need to add the capability that you’d want to give users from “Allow WP Admin Dashboard” box (as highlighted in the above screenshot).

For example, you can enter “Edit Posts” and “Edit Pages” capabilities here which will allow the Editor to edit posts and pages. You’d need to manually add all the capabilities that you want to give to your users, and it will only be applied to that particular user role.

Same way, you can also the capability to “Show Titlebar” box to show the WordPress admin bar to only some particular user roles.

Tip: This official WordPress codex is a very good resource to learn about roles and capabilities in detail.

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