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Featherweight API Usage

Featherweight API Usage

A common problem with membership sites or courses is the more people that join, the slower your site gets. Especially if they supposedly “integrate” with Infusionsoft. With Memberium you can kiss any performance problems like that goodbye.

Featherweight API usage allows you to run a fast, high-performance membership site that you can count on whether you have just a few users, or hundreds of thousands of paying members.

A fraction of that number has caused severe performance problems with other all-in-one, ‘throw everything in the kitchen sink’ approach plugins, heavily weighted down by unnecessary features.

This is why Memberium’s Featherweight API usage was built to be fast, lean and dependable from day one.

Since API calls are relatively slow, Memberium’s FeatherWeight API Usage gives you complete control over what data gets synchronized from Infusionsoft when a member logs in or does something on your site. This reduces the need to pull in unnecessary data from your site every time a member logs in or does something on your site.

When you have hundreds, or thousands of members logging in to your site at the same time, this extra data adds up – causing your site to slow down and load at a snail’s pace. The more API calls your site makes to Infusionsoft, the more Infusionsoft will charge you for them if you go over your limit. Other platforms are notorious for dealing with Infusionsoft’s API inefficiently because they weren’t designed to work with Infusionsoft.

The FeatherWeight API Usage allows you to speed up your site and minimize your database footprint for maximum performance. Baked into Memberium, there are other performance-related features built-in directly that allows you to run a faster site.

They’ll also give you peace of mind knowing that Memberium will be able to keep up and scale with you as your business grows. No matter how big of a launch that you have. This is just one of the reasons why experts like Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and over five thousand other successful business owners trust Memberium as their course and membership platform.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Memberium, is a consistent, strong, and fortified membership plugin. That not only contains all the advanced features our business requires, but is also lightweight and not as resource intensive as many competitor’s plugins.

Our growing site required another solution that didn’t bloat our database or slow down the user experience under a heavy load. Memberium is a truly Set-it-And-Forget-It Solution.
Kevin Clanton
Chief Executive Growth Hacker at Crisis Education LLC
When I invest in software, one of the most important factors I consider is the "Customer Support". Memberium has impressed me. They have a very friendly and responsive support team. I have inquired several times and they always reply with a solid and complete solution for me. They have even gone as far as implementing new features in Memberium, for me. They care about my individual needs.

Something worth mentioning is that Memberium is not compromising the performance of my sites. You would expect to have some negative impact in the load of your sites when you integrate with other platforms through APIs, but Memberium is making it happen without affecting my sites' performance. I am very impressed.

I have used other solutions and, while they have worked as expected, they didn't match the level of performance, and responsiveness of Memberium Support Team. I have to clarify that this is my personal experience. I am not making a generalized opinion and I am not attacking the other alternatives.
Leonardo Arias
Infusionsoft Marketplace Review

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