Want to know how your business could benefit from a client portal that's integrated with Keap/Infusionsoft?

Get access to the full video, article, and resource guide that shows you 8 ways a client portal can be used

No matter what type of business you’re running, at least one of the benefits and use cases I outline can be implemented. Most businesses are missing out on these or simply haven’t considered what is possible with a Keap integrated client portal.

Here's an Overview of Everything You'll Get...

10 minute video explaining the different ways to use a client portal

You'll get access to a 10:51 video that outlines the 8 ways your business can use a Keap integrated client portal.

Full Article Detailing the 8 Ways

You'll also get access to the video transcript and article to follow along with or read in more detail.

PDF Download With Summary of the Info + Real Customer Example

Finally, you'll get a PDF resource guide that includes the 8 ways with a summary for each. You'll also get access to an insider video that shows how one Keap user implemented this and saw an increase in retention.

Micah Mitchell
Memberium Co-Founder

Over the past decade we’ve helped hundreds of business owners start successful membership sites. Many of these sites focused on sharing knowledge and information: E-learning. 

What we realized in talking with different types of business owners was that even if you aren’t selling an online course, you can benefit from having a client portal that’s fully integrated with Keap.

Although there are more ways than we could list, we’ve tried to come up with the most beneficial ways a client portal could be used in your physical and/or online business.

To your success,

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