Build a Powerful, Automated Membership Site...

...while being supported by a team you can actually reach.

Ready to create a fully automated membership site, deeply integrated with Keap/Infusionsoft, without any custom coding or expensive developers?

You'll be supported by an actual award winning team. VIP service included.

If you want to have the best software AND the best service behind your membership site, I'd highly recommend you check out Memberium.

John Assaraf

Serial Entrepreneur
& CEO of NeuroGym

Actual Award Winning Support

Real Humans. Real Awards. Real Ratings.

Every Memberium license holder gets access to award winning support. I know, you've probably heard every company say that. But, you can verify for yourself that we actually did get the Best Support award from G2, and we're the top app in the Keap Marketplace.

If you read the reviews from the marketplace, you'll see the majority of the reviews praise the support team. That's for a reason. By joining Memberium, you'll get the same level of service.

"I would pay Memberium's membership fee just for their support. Honestly it's amazing they go over and above each and every time. The product is amazing, reliable and constantly being improved. I would happily recommend Memberium to anyone."

Ben Nichols

Memberium is Made For...

Course Creators

You can build online courses to teach others what you're most knowledgeable about. Memberium integrates with LMS plugins out of the box.


If you're an author selling eBooks, Memberium has you covered. You can deliver your books through Memberium and prevent people from sharing download links.

Service Businesses

You can use Memberium to onboard new clients, collect information that's sent directly to Keap, create a billing portal, and have clients upload files which will be stored in Keap. 

Internal Training

Memberium can be used to provide internal training to your team or employees. Train them on company policy, standard operating procedure, or anything else.

Memberium works best for those kind of sites, but that's not all we support.

You GET Maximum Flexibility

Maximum flexibility when it comes to building, running, and growing your site.

The more flexible your business is, ultimately the more power and strength you’ll have. If your business is too stiff or rigid, that’s bound to prevent you from growing.

Today, rapid change can happen overnight – with technology, in your market, with your competitors or the economy. When you’re unable to change how your course or membership site works, that can be a huge opportunity cost for you and your business.

Memberium solves this by giving you control of every aspect of your site. We also integrate with the top WordPress plugins you're already using, and your free to use more plugins with Memberium to get the functionality you need.

Simply put: Memberium doesn't put limits on you.

Quickly & Easily Protect Your Content

Protect any and all of your WordPress content quickly, and easily with Memberium.

On each page/post, you'll get a simple to use content protection box where you select memberships, Keap tags, and other conditions required to view the page.

You'll also be able to set what happens when access is denied. For example, showing a message or redirecting to another page can be easily accomplished.

SEE how Other Successful Business Owners Use Memberium to Power Their Course or Membership Site

WP Elevation

Knowledge Business Blueprint

The One University

By using Memberium, you're joining a community of creators, experts, and business owners that makeup thousands of sites and industries


Websites Using Memberium


25 Million Members Across All Sites


Largest Site to Date (Members)

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What You Can Build With Memberium

Here's just some of the sites you can build with Memberium + Keap

Sell & Create
Online Courses

Memberium will protect and automatically grant access to your online courses. No limit on the number of courses.

Create Automated Membership Sites

Automate granting and revoking access to any WordPress content based on Keap tags. 

Sell Group / Team Memberships

Sell group or corporate access, also called sub-accounts, using Umbrella Accounts (Pro feature).

Offer Free Courses as Lead Magnets

Use Memberium to deliver free courses as lead magnets to gain new paying customers.

Create Customer Billing Portals

Allow users to update credit card details, view invoices, view subscriptions, and place orders all synced with Keap from your site.

Sell & Fulfill Digital Downloads

If you're selling eBooks, templates, audio, or any other download, Memberium can automatically fulfill these orders for you.

Build Private Training for Employees

Use Memberium to build an internal training portal for your employees, franchisees, or anyone. Track progress using one of our LMS integrations.

Build Custom Keap Affiliate Sites

Create a custom branded, more user friendly affiliate portal than the included Keap Max Classic one. All data is pulled from Keap.

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Saying About Memberium

"We use Memberium when building all of our membership sites. Memberium is hands down the best membership plugin available for Infusionsoft."

Ryan Deiss

Digital Marketer

"Memberium has been, by far, the easiest to learn, the most flexible with function and design and best customer support I have ever had. ...they are quick, knowledgeable, patient, and a complete joy to work with."

Eliza Steeple

Owner of Learn Piano Online

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have Keap?

Yes. Memberium requires WordPress and Keap Pro, Max, or Max Classic to work. We can help you get a Keap app if needed, just reach out.

Does Memberium have transaction fees?

No. Memberium has absolutely no transaction fees. We don't take any percentage of your sales. In fact, we don't process payments at all - Keap does or a 3rd party cart/checkout system does if you're using one (ThriveCart for example).

Which plan should I buy?

If you only have a single site and don't plan to sell group access using Umbrella Accounts, the Standard plan is the best option. If you need group accounts, the Pro account is what you need. If you're an agency or have multiple sites, the Advanced plan is a cheaper way to get 3 Pro licenses.

How do I get support?

The quickest way to get support is to go to and open a ticket there. You can also email During business hours, we typically respond within 30 minutes. We are aiming to increase our phone support, too.

Do I need a paid LMS plugin?

You do not need to use an LMS plugin to use Memberium. If you want quizzing or certificate generation, an LMS plugin such as LearnDash (paid) or LifterLMS (free) will do the job and they integrate with Memberium.

What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel by logging into the Memberium members area: - You can also email and we'll process the cancellation right away. No hassle at all.

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